1. Mighty+ hands down. Until they make the crafty with a removable battery I’d just forget that they make it.

  2. It’s not going to give you a buzz, it’s for pain and relaxing etc, no psychoactive effects.

  3. I just looked at the HOJ kilo and holy shit that thing looks awesome. I have a mighty+ and bought a 3piece 2 1/8” grinder and it’s not bad, I like the grind, I would prefer going a tad more course but it’s a good all around consistency. I will say, the Santa Cruz is not worth the money they want for it at all and I’ll eventually replace it in the very near future because it just hasn’t lived up the “hype” I guess. My previous grinder I’ve had for like 10 years, an old chromium crusher from the mall and it’s works perfectly but the grind isn’t what I want all the time now.

  4. I have it & it has a citrus Nose with just a little Kush . maybe?.mostly citrus they said it reminds them of CBD Sour SPace Candy & it died kind of reminds me but not as strong as good SSC. For me it's not that great honestly it's good but not a ton of Trichomes compared to say the Garlic Breath & the effects are fine just kind of mild chill. But I have a really high tolerance & I've only tried it twice so results will vary. It definitely shouldn't be priced at the top end of their of their pricing. I've got almost every strain they have dropped in the last few months & this is to me near the low bottom of what I've liked. But upstate overall has a great products overall top 3 for me

  5. Damn this sucks to hear but glad you’ve confirmed my suspicions.

  6. I was just on their site at some point before and after you posted and no issues here.

  7. Yeah I figured so I might j get a big umbrella for outside and smokin there instead

  8. I think hot boxing a plastic bag would be more beneficial but instead I’d just go get me a card board box or 2 and tape them together or whatever and cut a hole or two and cover with taped down cellophane.

  9. Well see I have 2 female feminized plants right now and he told me to spray this In a 50/50 solution with water on my girls at lights off For the 1st 2 weeks of flower

  10. Ahhhh ok. Man, that sounds vaguely familiar but I honestly have no clue but I hope you get real answers from folks with legit experience. You try any of the actual grow subs?

  11. I’d be a tad more accepting of answers and advice from folks in a sub dedicated to growing MJ or growing in general allowing MJ discussions.

  12. More like a very rich bumblebee in its golden suit

  13. Thank you for the correction. I looked on google and kept going back and forth, clearly I need to make an eye appointment.

  14. Psychedelics (shrooms and lsd) have been proven to severely decrease and/or get rid of “cluster headaches”- might not be what your friend is dealing with but should still help. Wouldn’t hurt looking in to.

  15. Kinda funny how you can say the same exact thing but with totally different words lol.

  16. I’m sure we were typing at the same time too lol. Have a good one man!

  17. GMO came in yesterday and it’s great. Needs a moisture packet but aside from that’s it’s nice stuff. Much better than the nightmare I had.

  18. Upstate Hemp Cosmo Berry is nice indoor …1/2 I bought felt around 5% THCA and 15 or so CBDA.

  19. Love this stuff. Got a half in last night and not gonna lie, if that was my only option for the rest of my life I’d be ok with that.

  20. Did you try the GMO? its Fuego as well.

  21. Sounds like you lost your tolerance being off your meds for that time period. Definitely talk to your doctor.

  22. If it is, I still wouldn’t want that company name attached to anything I associate with.

  23. Dude, there’s a brand that does these with an LED lights but I can’t remember the name to save my life.

  24. I’ve ordered from them once and I got a free g of stargazer and I honestly liked it.

  25. If you want really cheap for edibles or tinctures, Pine Rose still has 2020 LFAV biomass for $50/lb.

  26. Go to the brand’s site and look at that specific vape and compare them. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were both fake just with how shops have gotten shady AF.

  27. It’ll work(eventually), just gonna take time, patience and probably a lot of transfers.

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