1. While I love guys, being transhet is often pain. If you're really really lucky, you can get a sweet understanding and supportive boy (possibly t4t), but otherwise dating men as a trans woman sucks

  2. A lot of people don't iron their clothes anymore

  3. It is not based on any manga or novel - there is a serialized novel version in a Gundam magazine, but it's based on the anime. We have no idea what will happen after the traumatizing "protection" at the end of ep. 12 - the second cour will be broadcast starting in April.

  4. I'm only watching S1 if someone confirms that they fix it in S2. if they don't - I will be devastated after getting invested

  5. Not knowing what will happen is part of the fun. Lol.

  6. I just really dislike bad endings, they make me sad

  7. Also, per her poor understanding of the English language, she's effectively saying white people can't be blacksmiths.

  8. Blacksmith: works with β€œblack” metal (iron)/does the general forging of materials

  9. Following last trends, Bridget

  10. I went from stomping along when I was built like an old man to having some sway in my hips as I grew a butt and some thighs. It seemed to just happen without me really doing anything other than getting some junk in my trunk. Good luck to you. 😚

  11. Alright, thanks. At which point in transition it became noticeable, I mean, in months?

  12. It started probably around month 3. The estrogen fairy is a good friend and has been really kind to me, so your experiences will probably be different. In about 7 months, I've put on 10 pounds and about 8 inches around my hips and butt while my waist hasn't changed at all. This redistribution of chunk is what has caused the change in my walk, I'm sure.

  13. I still maintain theres no such thing cancel culture. No one can seem to come up with a useful definition, its always "people dont like the person i like and are being kinda mean :("

  14. While most of "cancel culture" is bullshit, there are actual cases when people with smaller following get harrassed for exaggerated or even completely made up reasons under the guise of "righteous anger" - most often female content creators. Such as Lindsay Ellis

  15. Eldritch Horror! Played six hours, cleared only two main quests and decided it's enough because it was past midnight already πŸ˜…

  16. So many cis people hate the fact that gender non-conforming trans people exist. It's sad. They probably think I, a nonbinary person, am a transtrender or something.

  17. If you're gender-conforming trans person - you just enforce gender stereotypes. If you're gender-non-conforming trans person - you're not even trying and maybe not actually trans. Also these ranges overlap, so there's no point where you're gender conforming just enough

  18. Republicans' strategy is literally just 'vote for us because we're not Democrats', and people are literally like 'okay'. I'll never get that anti-democratic joke that is the US 2 party system

  19. I'm not American, but to be fair, from what I've seen, Democrats strategy is often also "Vote for us because we're not Republicans". Some do push for progressive changes, but this isn't often

  20. Easy solution. Dox yourself so you can be validated in real life. There are no foreseeable downsides to this.

  21. I'm really scared that I might not pass as well irl as I do in pictures

  22. As these two dorks should be 😌

  23. That's awesome! I am absolutely crap at any sort of art or anything else

  24. It's actually not that difficult, I've reached this level in about a month of drawing. Choosing right artstyle also helped

  25. /uj Unfortunately, it's the only way to make cis people care about it πŸ˜”

  26. Yeah, I don't understand how people can be rude to her. Like, yeah, she's not real, but she's nice and gentle, and being mean to her makes me feel bad

  27. I'm often calling porn with double penetration a "SRS motivator"

  28. I always had more female friends, and men were not much more than acquaintances, I just always liked talking to girls more.

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