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  1. I won't see anything with Hanoi Jane in it.

  2. Not a STH, but I don’t think you should personally renew. A one year old won’t get much out of a game. Put the money in a 529 account and get them tickets at age 6 or 7 when you think they are ready.

  3. You can get really good seats at the last minute for a reasonable price. Reasonable for a one day splurge, at least.

  4. That annoys me to no end when I attend a game.

  5. During this losing streak I've been shifting between wearing various hats, shirts and holding a puck I caught at a game in 1989. No combination is working, so I guess we all have to take some blame.

  6. I was born a few years after the last cup and hope the team proves that my existence isn't the thing preventing them from being successful again at some point in my life.

  7. That would be a lot of guilt to carry around.

  8. I have super high hopes for this episode..

  9. Like the isles weren’t trying in the first period? They dominated the leafs. They have no finish. The leafs have extremely skilled players and relied on high risk high reward plays to beat the lower skilled isles.

  10. After the Leafs game, I think the issue is they can't adapt. The Leafs made adjustments between periods and the Isles, really Lambert, was unable to come up with a counter? It could just be the Leafs came in thinking the Isles were a joke and did not try hard, a good assumption, and then turned on the jets, but this has happened several times.

  11. Plus the Swedish Navy can help furnish our carriers using its IKEA government discount.

  12. Why did he create a bunch of smaller pieces instead of using large sheets? Was sheetrock sold differently back then?

  13. I was a huge fan of the original, this one is not very good, imo. Poor jokes, characters are all over the place and John's character has to be the prosecutor. He doesn't work defending people.

  14. Sorry, this version is just terrible. No humor, no chemistry between the actors and the writing is just poor. I watched the first two episodes but that will be it.

  15. I would show him my large and extensive gun and shovel collection.

  16. There are personal factors regarding Lou that I think impact what is going to happen. Lou is 80, he may live to 95, he may not but he does not have the time to rebuild a team and he knows it. I think winning it all now is still forefront of his mind because he knows he can't keep this job forever. Personally, I think this team is beyond a quick trading deadline fix. I could see another GM conducting a fire sale to set things up with some good picks, but I don't see Lou doing so.

  17. Taiwan is not tank country. Taiwan needs every citizen to have an ATGM or manpad.

  18. The illegal gaming room really bothers me, but then I'm a bit of a law and order kind of guy.

  19. An amazing first period, then crap. Also, Sorokin is tired. Gotta start going back and forth with Varly.

  20. Maurice is nothing but a player. He'll be the good guy until he gets Janine, then dump her.

  21. Apparently that and gall stones are more painful than everything on this list

  22. I had a nurse tell me passing a kidney stone, for her, was worse than giving birth.

  23. Anyone with two brain cells should avoid any social media platform where they are identified by name. It's too easy to get in trouble.

  24. This happens in every career. Sometimes just taking pride in doing your job right every day can give you a lift. Maybe find a couple of your men and try to make them better Marines, a special project?

  25. The woman deserved to be hit, but hitting her was a stupid mistake. Now she is the one who can be arrested. That little push is no enough to claim self defense. The lady on the left should have walked away.

  26. Dime Club seats are easily $200+ each. What is this “cheap” you speak of?

  27. I bought seats for the Boston game in section 201 for $86 each at 6pm on game day. Great seats. I have no idea what the face value is.

  28. I enjoy going to games, attending maybe 3 or 4 per year, but I don't know how season ticket holders do it. Between the ticket price, a somewhat long drive to UBS, traffic and concession prices, I'd be broke and tired for work every day.

  29. I don't think firing Lane is the answer. I know the coach always pays the price for a poor team, but it's not as if he has a bunch of 40 goal scorers not playing hard. Get him a few more players and then let's see what he can do.

  30. Raty and Holmstrom with Barzal. JG with Lee and Nelson, Do what you want with the rest.

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