1. DaBaby said he was the greatest rapper

  2. Big KRIT isn’t on the list and that’s criminal

  3. Nah it’s more like “aw man I’m all outta cash”

  4. At this point, after that game, I fully embrace the coin. All hail the coin

  5. So should we have a toast to the douchebags?

  6. we dont deserve this defense

  7. The offense is usually ok it’s just against the patriots lately that theyve really been just bad

  8. He was host during the “aw man I’m all outta cash” sketch so I support this

  9. Fully agree. Jay just rhymed the same words all verse and Cole was underwhelming on it

  10. I love me my rooks, rook endgames are usually where I thrive

  11. Ah-rin-kin-kin, ah-rin-kin-kin


  13. if morale or it’s almost dry dont win, thats literally insanity

  14. With those options, absolutely

  15. Damn I knew as I was watching this live that some people were gonna take it as anti-semitism. I’m Jewish and I loved his monologue. I don’t think he was standing up for Ye really, but at least acknowledging that his thoughts aren’t baseless.

  16. Prolly shoulda cropped that second picture

  17. Dear Rhaenyra, I wrote you but you still ain't callin'

  18. My teas gone cold I’m wondering why, but I’m not mad at all

  19. I mean it’s between Maegor and Aegon IV for me. I’m re-reading fire and blood and remembered just how horrible Maegor was. The guy did so much despicable stuff so to me he’s definitely the worst

  20. In a certain mood I agree, it’s just very difficult to say it’s better than HiiiPower, Mortal Man and DUCKWORTH every time

  21. If anarchy was an intersection

  22. Trailer Park Boys, that’s J-Roc, the best rapper alive

  23. Gnome-irra-irra-sayinnnn

  24. Meanwhile the entire team in Anaheim has caved in lol

  25. Jon, Jaqen, Tywin, Brienne and Tormund. Tormund will be worth the value when always trying to show off for brienne

  26. This, this is mine too lmao. No idea how they were able to get through a take without laughing

  27. Some songs off Digital Roses Don’t Die by Big KRIT will hit different now like It’s Over Now, Wet Lashes, and a few others. Recently went through something similar and this was the album I listened to (especially the back half) to help

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