1. It does thank you. It's really hard to understand my real motives but I think for me it would be that a nicer outfit would be "wasted" if no one could appreciate it. So I'd rather save it for another day. That sounds Up, right?

  2. Unfortunately it's hard to say. Ideally, I would love to be like "yes!" and have you be further on your journey, but I'm considering the Down quadrants and do a similar thing where I don't consider it "special enough" to wear something because I'm lazy, don't understand that it might help me feel better that day if I do wear it, lack self-esteem and motivation. Where I just delay wearing something an infinite amount of times.

  3. I see, thank you for taking the time to break it down. You questions are good and I've answered in more detail in another comment in this thread. How I feel is so nuanced that I'm having a hard time understanding it myself.

  4. Can I make a suggestion? I think this is where the style logic can be helpful rather than trying to figure out the product ("a unified aesthetic"), to come back to your intention

  5. Thank you for your input Rita! I think it comes down to standing up for/ protecting (/saving?) myself and also accessing my inner softness/sensuality.

  6. There’s a person I follow on Instagram @minimalistmachinist who loves that apocalyptic aesthetic, so it’s top of mind for me! She makes quilted vests out of scraps and stuff like that. She calls it “soft apocalypse”, I think because it’s very texture & textile driven. It’s like the “down” version of what you have here. 🙂

  7. I'll check her out, thanks for the reco!

  8. Well I’d say that maybe the models do but the clothes themselves in the first and third are pretty pure in their natural essences—unstructured, slightly oversized etc. The average use of the word “dramatic” does work but both Kibbe and Kitchener are using the idea to mean something more specific. The 2nd one is certainly that type of dramatic.

  9. I see what you mean, that's an interesting distinction. Would you say that all 3 are "flamboyant"? Trying to find a word that encompasses it all.

  10. Yeah I’d say if you wanted to be more specific than “natural” “flamboyant natural” works. It’s almost an understatement though. Something like “ultra flamboyant natural” seems more precise to me even though that terminology isn’t part of the original system.

  11. Thank you! My Kibbe is FN so that works. Very interesting to see how it reads ultra to others and understated to me!

  12. I feel like the ' accomodations ' recommendations are left (how the fabric should fall on the body, how much fabric there should be for ease of movement). That was the most helpful of Kibbe, to me.

  13. Well done!! That has to be the hardest part of the recovery for sure.. go you!

  14. It's a good idea to ask for support but I would be worried that I start subconsciously resenting my partner for not enabling my addiction. Something to try and pay close attention to these negative feelings.

  15. your style is ON POINT 😍 that coat in the last pic is gorgeous.

  16. Yes it is! I blocked my favorite shopping websites and deleted social media apps and my screen time dropped by more than half. So yes, definitely related.. I was literally hooked on both.

  17. I am trying to do the same now. Today is the first day and it already feels odd, I am restless. I might try to go back to things I used to enjoy when I was a bit younger - reading, painting..

  18. Yes restless ! Exactly that. It will pass, give yourself the time, no need to set big goals right now. I actually started to watch the old Baywatch tv show as an "escape" and things feel a lot more peaceful.

  19. I've been working on my unhealthy shopping habits since the summer and this month I have (finally?) been having a lot more clarity when it comes to shopping. I used to use shopping as a way to escape my daily routine and this coping mechanism is slowly going away (browsing because boredom, easy dopamine hit and shopping for my fantasy self).

  20. Here is a mindset that I found helpful for dealing with deals and discounts: "if you didn't need the thing in the first place can we really call it a good deal?"

  21. That's very helpful. Thank you for sharing this new mindset with us!

  22. Yes it's relatable. At some point the purchases shifted to a mostly negative experience and the dopamine hit felt like dread instead of fun.

  23. For essences Natural first and Classic second. For kibbe, what's your height? You might be FN, I see the T shape silhouette.

  24. Picture 18: wow how you glow!

  25. I also see kibbe Natural and I think you are too muted to be Spring or Winter. Hard to tell if warm or cool toned but I'm thinking either summer or autumn. I don't see ethereal. Natural/dramatic/classic for essences.

  26. You got this, stay strong!!

  27. Being postpartum during the winter is very hard. So isolating..

  28. Can't watch horror movies since Midsommar.

  29. Some of what you describe is relatable (the act shopping taking up more time & emotional space that it feels it should).

  30. You can’t solve all the worlds problems so don’t worry about that aspect at the moment. You did good!!

  31. Thank you! I wish it was that easy as to not buy the things in the first place. I truly hope I'll get there soon though. Learning.

  32. Thank you, that's very kind.

  33. Yes but keep in mind that there can be a dopamine hit from getting rid of stuff as well. I used to think that if I got rid of things it would help but I felt so good and then would buy to replace . What really helped is not just cleaning and decluttering but actually getting rid of places to put things. So I got rid of bookshelves, plastic bins, basically anything that would allow me to house more stuff in the first place. I managed to get rid of a third of my belongings and I have no desire to buy more because i don't have any place to put these things and I like having all that extra space.

  34. Very well put. That's why I try to slowly get rid of things instead of everything at a time. To make sure I don't get hooked on the same dopamine as when I'm shopping. It's so confusing. Thank you for explaining so clearly a complicated situation.

  35. It helps only if we don't end up re-filling the empty space afterwards.

  36. They need a patch from the inside - really the best thing to do would be unpick and remove the pocket, patch, then reattach

  37. Thank you that's helpful. Do you think the patch should also be hemp fabric?

  38. It doesn’t need to be - I would use something strong but maybe a lighter weight. I’ve got a heavy washed linen in my stash I’d be thinking of.

  39. Mom here. To get an idea on my husband's perspective and maybe anticipate his needs. (He rarely complains or asks for anything)

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