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  1. Wait is No Guard Fissure legal now (in ag)?

  2. Im glad that you enjoy it, but every single time I hear a single song from it I roll my eyes. I can't stand it.

  3. Raid some dwemer ruins and craft bows. Much more efficient than daggers

  4. How many badges a trainer has is an indication of their skill level, and the gym leader will curate their team to create a suitable challenge.

  5. Yes this is right. Brock mentions it in Pokemon Origins

  6. The game still never actually indicate what level each area is, making that feature completely useless unless you look up shit

  7. This is insane considering romhackers and even THE FUCKING ANIME figured out the solution to this problem

  8. I started watching after season 3 ended, and going in I just thought it was gonna be "It's always sunny in Philadelphia" but with superheroes. All I knew about the show going in were the Homelander memes and the orgy

  9. You need higher standards for the games you play.

  10. Okay people, I need context and an explanation. Who is this miyamoto guy?

  11. Miyamoto is the guy who invented Mario and The Legend of Zelda

  12. Not on PS4 sadly. PS4 modding is extremely limited for some stupid reason.

  13. Bro do not buy anything on fucking Epic 💀

  14. Longhammer, Ebony Blade, or Bloodskal Blade. Bloodskal and longhammer are probably the best options because you can get them at level 1

  15. Is project AHO really that good? I couldn't get past the beginning of it. It's too much of a slog imo

  16. No reason it shouldn't, it doesn't require SKSE or any plugins that require SKSE

  17. The secret treasure room under the waterfall in Ustengrav took me 8 years to find

  18. Ritual Stone + Atherium Crown Glitch

  19. Mods 10000%. Literally endless possibilities. The anniversary edition content feels rushed and is overall very weak

  20. Viper hasn’t released anything with greater than 50% new recordings in forever.

  21. Thug's Renditions is 100% original material

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