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  1. Being outdoors really need to know how much sun they get in a day so they don’t flower too early. But something definitely stunted #1

  2. I wouldn't think it's the plants going into the 3.0. I use their light blend but have had success in their 3.0. 5 gallons will run out of food and of they haven't eaten for flower yet, they could be hungry.

  3. Thats why I went to 15gal grass root pots. I found myself constantly feeding a 5gal.

  4. I've had decent success with Autos in 5s but they still need more too late lol. 20s and beds have done me well. I'm going back to beds because I enjoy them a little more.

  5. I have been thinking about a bed. But I wasn’t sure because I’m doing different strains every round. Like cannibalism and shit you know?

  6. Honestly I transplanted into my 20gal no-till pot a few weeks ago and the newer growth has been looking more uniform. Been doing fine though may have just been sick. Also used The Amazing Doctor Zymes twice a week so I’d say that’s probably helped it.

  7. Honestly it’s possible lol I’ve been getting my microscope out and checking everything out a lot lately. Trying to keep a close eye on it and all the others.

  8. Yes and treasure every single one, take clones of every single one, you might have something amazing in there, to increase germination rates soak them in a seed sprout tea, (other seeds like corn or barley are sprouted then blended) and this adds back all the energy a seed needs to start that it may have lost by being such old seeds, if you’re looking for a home for those seeds tho lmk I’ll put them to good use

  9. More than likely heat/light stress. Its called Tacoing I believe. Essentially the plant is trying to “taco” to protect itself. But on the worst case scenario side get your microscope/magnifying glass out and look for mites on your plant/medium.

  10. No mites, just medium on the leaves from transplanting😅. Could it probably be a magnesium deficiency aswell? Temps at 26-29c with the at 70-75%

  11. Im gonna up the magnesium and see what happens and I’ll report back to you on that inna couple days

  12. Honestly thats a good environment. You could bump the humidity to 80% maybe it’ll help. I also have one cultivar tacoing and my environment is 75°f-80°f with 80% humidity with no mites as well, but its been a finicky bitch here and there too. So im in the same boat lol

  13. Correct me if I’m wrong. But i do believe I’ve seen something where some Cultivars will put out more bud growth through out the flowering period and it’s pretty much harvest when the majority of the trichomes are ready. It was a video by Build A Soil where Jermey Silva was talking about the Halitosis cultivar he was growing at the time. It looks fine to me though.

  14. That seems logical. I would like a little more amber on this pheno but she’s solid milky with 5-10% amber. I think I’m going to chop.

  15. Just keep a good drying environment and you’ll be fine 😁

  16. With your environment it’ll probably dry a little faster than having 60/60 so keep an eye on it😁

  17. Oh yeah it’ll flower out there in the green house if it’s female. Will take a little while until it gets the right lighting hours from the sun for flowering. But definitely get a bigger pot for more soil

  18. Honestly in my opinion. With you being this far into it, i would just try to pluck off as many of the bananas “tree dicks” and it let ride.

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