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  1. They have packs of 10 or 25 iirc. 1000 is a bit excessive tho, I ordered maybe 150 at once for legit shipping. Then I realized the shipping cost is almost double to use them.

  2. Flip them inside out, they are then a normal box. It’s handy.

  3. I think this is actually a federal crime. I used to use it as an example to try and get my undergrads to pay attention.

  4. Live Resin only in 510 for right now from BE. Lusters are only being used for CO2 oil.

  5. I haven’t gone that high I usually do 2.2-2.5 with co2 and live resin.

  6. 2.2-2.5 wasn't giving me enough vapor to get the effects I like while also keeping the flavor. 2.7 seems golden on the stock CCELL 510's. Other carts (especially cermaic only) probably love the 2.2v.

  7. "A strain that one of our growers developed" = "We had a hermie plant in the room we didn't catch and it pollinated the room so we popped the seeds".

  8. Would be cool if the US passes UA a note that says "Hey qtpie, you can send HIMARS to Russia soil now"

  9. Loosies are what I mainly need some tips on. Driving me mental being able to replicate it per batch. Love you work man. We are ordering a CLT55 shortly.

  10. People need to remember what happened to Valve and Half Life 2. Everything turned out fine.

  11. thats why cut today and frozen full of terps. terps are solvents

  12. lol. Some of you guys crack me up. Terpenes just don't start melting shit right away.

  13. They all need express lanes! Makes zero sense to make people wait who have orders in. Amazing how bad these places fail at basic retail organizing.

  14. I think another commentator had a good point… it’s kinda weaponized incompetence.

  15. The money thing doesn't make sense because this would make them more money, faster.

  16. NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER will there be botanical crap in a BE product.

  17. TCC does that to me as well. Something in the terpene profile that does it.

  18. Print out one from the site and laminate it. No need to pay for physical card.

  19. It's the "Model Trench" that Russia shows off to the media. Like a model home!

  20. It seemed to me that the kid actually ran in the shape of the bases but just used 2nd as first. Notice how he goes wide and almost aims for where a 2nd base should be in that scenario. Chaos.

  21. This is insane, taste like the bottom of a shoe or chewing on a used tire. Also seems like I’m walking cows into the barn during July wow

  22. Thank you I just did, I was wondering cuz I've never had anything this consistency other than crumble lol but this is not labeled as such

  23. "Cured resin" means it was made from dried/cured material. There is no set texture it is supposed to be and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

  24. The D&S has been changed in how it's packaged and should be way more consistent. It's a fine line between passing for potency and having bigger or too many diamonds.

  25. Love what you guys have been doing. I tried each of the badders available. Was wondering if you guys are ever gonna drop some Layer Cake live concentrates? Or get into the solventless game? Just curious :)

  26. Layer Cake is in process right now actually. Will be available soon.

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