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  1. I've read the Bible and 1984, don't really care about the rest of them

  2. Solved: old stinky man with droopy Ears has asymmetrical ears and these aren't the same side it's when it's mirrored depending on the camera/streaming methods

  3. I am going to have an aneurism if I see someone else call a 3DS a "DS" again

  4. I find it such a inspiring thing that even younger gamers can have fun playing retro games. For most of us it's a nostalgia thing. Playing gameboy with your worm light in back of your parents car driving at night, or huddled around the n64 with some friends on Friday night. I'm just glad everyone can enjoy so many great games now. Can't wait for my niece and nephew to be old enough to enjoy some of these games with me.

  5. I'm fairly young and I love playing these retro games, I think it's just the fact that current gaming just isn't up to spec, and mobile games definitely aren't as good

  6. Could be a layered shot no? Edited to look perfect

  7. Price difference is a big part in my book, i just can't afford a phone for €1000 from samsung that has basically the same lifespan as the moto handy for about €370 and still does all i need from a phone.

  8. To solve this problem buy a LG v40-60 on eBay. Great phone that used to cost 900+ is now 150+ and less

  9. What be does their have anything to do with it? I first got online at 10 back in 1999!

  10. If there were sounds for this video it would be scary and not funny

  11. Your bumper stickers prove you're on reddit

  12. Came here to say this. This is a manoeuvre you can learn in safety trainings. It is a very last microsecond thing to do and quite dangerous (due to traffic or your car not capable of what we call the elk test [where you avoid a collision last second with an elk] and roll over).

  13. I didn't have to learn this it just came to me in a time of need

  14. Ohh that's the original 2ds. It's a funky one!

  15. Lord. I, too, love some funky ones. Can’t believe I’ve never seen that!

  16. They're really cheap, and they offer something no other ds does, extremely close viewing from one screen to another

  17. wait until she's asleep and draw glasses and a mustache on her. it's only fair

  18. Peepee teepee! Or some kind of face shield. And be gentle but attentive with cleaning the foreskin when there was an explosive diarrhea incident that has absolutely covered the baby in poop! But this guy gives good advice for baby girls. This video was not pointlessly gendered. Different parts need different care.

  19. When you first open their diaper just hold close again immediately. Sometimes they pee when you open the diaper. That's what my mil told me anyway

  20. Omg I didn't even think of this. I'm taking notes 📝

  21. Being 6 feet tall, I don't see the issue. Not exactly designed for children

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