1. which is the musical twilight parade event. im not 100% sure though

  2. Omg you are right. How could I forgot it?!? Thanks

  3. I know Nene and Ichika know each other but, I don' t remember Saki and Nene together.

  4. Waaa thanks! I thought it was in that event but didn't check the last part. Thanks!

  5. Did you just build 3 healers? Why your Hubble so low? And why you building hatsu without another warrior?

  6. Honest question. Why should Hatsu be used with other warrior?

  7. what happens tho if it ends up getting too much? like will the stars cover your entire profile or will u shrink the stars?

  8. I would like to reach to that point!

  9. It’s awesome, can I borrow your idea?

  10. Of course. Feel free to! Woukd be nice to have a group of people doing this 😂

  11. New player here. How do I play the events rerun? I cannot find them.

  12. Thanks. It appears blocked to me. Is there a time limit for current rerun?

  13. Heyaa, I'm 23 years old! I discovered vocaloid in 2010 or so, and I've been a fan ever since. Songs from Wowaka brings me a load of nostalgic feelings to me. It reminds me of more simple times haha! :P I also used to rinse the Project Diva games. Was I good at it? Not really. But did I enjoy it? OH YES.

  14. No doubt Wowaka is one of the first producers I listened, thanks to Project Diva. The song that I would say sticked more with me initially was Odds & Ends from ryo. Also Time Machine.

  15. Hi! Thread creator here. I am 33. I am so happy to see people around my age playing, haha.

  16. You need the Octogirl Amiibo to get that costume. I also want it :)

  17. Mmh... I don't think any sub-story is important to understand the main story.

  18. Thank you. I note this two as important to read. My point is, I feel I will be tired of reading everything so I want to see what are a must to read.

  19. I'm not a fan of the main story and the beginning of it is well know for being bad.

  20. Yes. I read it started bad but improves over time. Is there a way where I can see which characters are addressed in each event? I think I will try to read the ones people is recommending me most, and then some of the ones for characters I like.

  21. I got people disconnected some times when I select LeoNeed songs Rise up people, select always Leo Need songs!

  22. + Minori all nervous after listening to Airi and Shizuku "mature love song"

  23. I have the same issue today with Android. Never happened before.

  24. From what I can tell, it's purely either single/multiplayer or followers only. The only exception is the urgent quests that involve followers.

  25. That is what I thought. And seems I cannot repeat the urgent quest with the follower anymore... Okay. Is fine.

  26. I had hopes in the event but it was greater than expected.

  27. When Mizuki started choking up when kanade was crying in chapter in ch. 6 was heartwrenching. I loved their interactions this event and the VAs really brought it to a whole new level.

  28. Totally. The VAs are really godtier, the feelings were very well conveyed...

  29. Her Persona is Minerva. I like it.

  30. Everything happening in elysium everlasting is permanent story chapters. The little Griseo event isn't part of that.

  31. I never entered the elysium yet ( I am playing chapter 23), so I never checked it. So if I dont play the Griseo event that is lasting 41 days, I will lose that story. 😭 But i dont want to be spoiled so I will pass I think.

  32. oh it was that good? i just skipped the event story to get crystals but now you've got me curious I'm gonna go read it one day when I'm not lazy to

  33. If you have been following the story until then it is. Is just the conclusion for their first arc.

  34. I suggest to just read the events, play the minimum to get the new event cards 2 and 3 stars and... That's it. You won't be burned out by the game and when you feel like playing seriously again you will be up to date with the story.

  35. I asked the same question here years ago, someone recommended me the book Solaris. I loved it and I could see the similarities with SH2.

  36. Can you copy in japanese? Maybe is more understandable for some that way.

  37. Whaaat? I fail a lot of flicks because I separate the fingers from the screen too fast... I will try to play like this now.

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