1. HWFWM was enough for me during book 3. I forced myself to finish it but what a tortuous slog. I can see why people like it, it’s just not for me.

  2. Same, especially audiobook. I couldnt stand the narrator.

  3. I wish there are more books in this genre.

  4. Tell me when they accomplish clean water and sanitation all over India. Until then, this is no flex.

  5. lol as if they are doing this for flex.

  6. I love it, its perfect bloody gory and murderhobo-ish for me.

  7. I love Loner Muderhobo MC's. exactly opposite of you.

  8. I'm surprised Colorado is higher than us.

  9. I was walking/running locally after work until the clocks changed. Monday morning, I set my alarm forward an hour and have been going before work. If you have the willpower, this will open up many areas that are fine in the daytime but poorly lit at night.

  10. I do Strength training in the morning between 4-5 before work. I tried cardio, unless it's outdoors I couldnt do it. :(

  11. Why not do your cardio in the morning and strength train at night?

  12. It's still dark at 4am and I got bears in my area.

  13. Patch of Rt. 27 in Somerset, Franklin Park and Brunswicks is filled with awesome Indian restaurants. I'd visit all of them.


  15. How long is the trail and is it safe to walk?

  16. So I can start farming in my backyard for $$?

  17. Next to Top Golf in Edison? perfect spot. Traffic is going to be interesting.

  18. No Worries, they'll add some absurd data caps instead.

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