1. I think this is the same guy who is playing Iroh in the last Airbender series on Netflix

  2. They get really upset at flags for people who are obsessed with one specific flag

  3. Punching nazis is as American as you can get

  4. Just throw that comment in for...some reason

  5. "...No, she's crazy! And she needs to go down!"

  6. This and when Shepard headbutts the krogan talking shit about our boy Grunt

  7. "Getting in touch with nature" turns into living in a hut in the woods, communing with the fauna

  8. I'm getting serious mass effect reaper vibes

  9. Back in my day we got half a treat each, and we liked it!

  10. And here we witness the beginning of a beautiful friendship

  11. This is like the beginning of a buddy cop movie

  12. Why do I want to see a spin off from the pov of the reapers now?

  13. Oh, to be a skeleton minion of a badass necromancer

  14. If that pfp is harrowhark nonagesimus that is incredibly fitting

  15. I will not exaggerate when I say this book left me tearing my hair out for a good portion

  16. You use my monikers for your license plates, and that's what I appreciates about you

  17. The answer for all of these is very obviously Doctor Doom

  18. you can't just ask people why they're lyctors

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