1. I was so confused by who was trying to score and who was trying to defend here. But all I see is 2 great centers and one way past his prime.

  2. Simmons doesn't even shoot, so this applies more to someone like Russ

  3. I'm actually worried we expended all our energy last night, and we'll get blown out tonight because of it.

  4. According to the article there’s also a new character named Eve who’s Freddy’s roommate and has “an innate ability to connect with both Frasier and Freddy” and serves as a “bridge” between them.

  5. Interesting how it says Freddy's roommate and not girlfriend.

  6. I mean, it's completely plausible that they're just two roommates that are the opposite gender. My favorite show, Community, had two friends (Abed and Annie) that were roommates in the last season by themselves. Both are straight lol

  7. It's come to the point where I just expect greatness from him now. He's just killing it. But those free throws... Idk what's gonna fix em, or if it'll ever be fixed. Idk why the easiest part of the game is the hardest part for big men.

  8. I’m so glad our players aren’t weak floppers like that because that’s truly embarrassing. It’s crazy how that gets rewarded by the refs though

  9. If it comes down to getting extra free throws and winning a game, then yes, I would love for our players to flop. They play the right way, but because of that, we get no BS calls our way.

  10. I totally understand that point but I just wish that flopping wasn’t rewarded that way players like our guys who play the right way won’t have to stoop down to that level. Selling a foul is one thing but acting like you got ran over by a bulldozer when someone breathes on you is ridiculous and shouldn’t get any calls.

  11. Doesn’t matter at the end of the day since Embiid came out better as the Sixers won the game

  12. Good thing this is a regular season game everyone will forget by next week

  13. I mean, I don't mind. Theatrical posters have a formula, like most things in entertainment lol.

  14. Yeaaah, last episode was less on Nolan and more on Lopez/Harper. Like I get Harper texted him and he just didn't see it, but how do you just go to another grown man's house and walk in without an invitation. Just downright rude.

  15. I'd keep Simmons for the fact that he can guard someone else's best player, so KD doesn't have to. So KD can conserve his energy on offense.

  16. Only way we get Bron is if we draft Bronny in the future

  17. Really good episode. A necessary break from the Chenford mania.

  18. That is basically how he looked in Snyder's JL, minus the giant rag

  19. Going from Nash to JV is like eating dog food for 2 years and then getting a nice steak all of a sudden.

  20. I feel confident whenever we come out of timeouts with JV. Didn't feel remotely close with Nash

  21. Eh, the more I find out about him, the less impressed I am

  22. fr Rui has big issues as well with defense and having tunnel vision on offense. We prob try to keep Kuzma instead

  23. What exactly is Rui good at then? I'm an outsider asking

  24. i mean, he has a good shot when it goes in ig? He doesn't really play defense, cant playmake (even if he could he never passes), has massive tunnel vision, if his middy isn't going in his useless LOL

  25. Holy cow, why tf was this guy drafted in the lottery then

  26. Streaky shooter, Perk dribble package, Jaylen Brown ball control, zero defense

  27. Reportedly the Nets, Heat, and Hawks are monitoring Ibaka.

  28. "Bun, ketchup, pickle, cheese, put that patty in between It's burger, what what It's burger, what what"

  29. I hope he does at some point. It doesn't have to be serious scene, just a comedic thing that's brushed off

  30. My thoughts and exactly. Better suit but removing the hood? Why

  31. The lack of padding also looks better. The old lightning bolt was a bit too hokey for me, but this new flatout golden one is solid.

  32. I’m agreeing on all those points, was just echoing why remove the hood if you are improving all these aspects.

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