All POV Characters in ASOIAF

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[OC] Irreligion in Canada

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  1. Baelor was so based GRRM had to kill him to kickstart the entire modern era of ASOIAF.

  2. He threw Notley under the bus hard when she was premier. I’ve never personally forgiven him for that.

  3. Only a Targ bootlicker would hate the Dornish. Most gigachad region in Westeros.

  4. Alberta: "I'm finally starting to land on my feet economy wise and am diversifying somewhat!"

  5. It’s a good lesson on not settling because someone is “nice” to you when you’re not really well matched and into his sister. He might become a serial killer that offs your entire lesbian harem after your main squeeze runs away.

  6. Renly got love and attention from everyone except for his own family; his prents died when he was a toddler, Robert indulged himself at every turn after becoming king, and Stannis spent all his time brooding about existential dread. I'm pretty sure his entire kingship was just a massive cry for help.

  7. You can’t forget about how he was present at the Siege of Storm’s End eating rats when he was like 8-9. Like people give him a lot of shit for not getting war but kid probably had to eat like all of his childhood pets.

  8. Thematically Cersei and Jaime being secret Targs makes more sense than Tyrion.

  9. Because socialism is little more than utopianism in theory that tends towards extreme authoritarianism in practice. It’s a nice idea, but I’ve yet to see a convincing argument that it would work as a system across large groups of people rather than localized communities.

  10. Jaehaerys only had 3 children: Aemon, Baelon and Alyssa. It is known.

  11. An openly gay, Muslim mayor. Alberta is as progressive as anywhere else in the nation, people just like to stereotype us like the rest of the east is any better

  12. Nenshi actually isn’t “openly gay”. In fact, he’s denied it multiple times. Until he says otherwise, I’ll take him at his word.

  13. Where did I hear that then? Must have been the whole purple city hall thing

  14. You don't see the Catholic schools right next to each public school in Edmonton? Lol

  15. My brother in Christ, the data literally shows us as the second most irreligious province in the country, third if you count Yukon.

  16. Stannis and Davos are the best (b)romance in asoiaf you can’t change my mind.

  17. I think she would‘ve been a good queen if the civil war didn’t happen.

  18. As much as I do think Poilievre has a lot of very… questionable policies and really don’t want to see him in power, I am really always struck by how terrible FPTP is as a system when the Liberals can run away with seat totals because of a very efficient voter turnout. It’s no wonder they backed off electoral reform with results like this.

  19. I can’t believe they did nothing about it when they had a majority.

  20. It’s obvious why they haven’t. They wanted ranked choice, which would even more heavily favour them.

  21. I don't know what neoliberal you're referring to. Most of what you've written seems to be suggesting you're talking about Thatcher/Reagan types but the votes dem makes it sound like its

  22. “Hang out with your bosses daughter”? What a tortured way of describing a situation where your boss could execute or castrate you for sleeping with his daughter. I’m sure that’s not a power imbalance at all.

  23. So you're being obtuse while just ignoring that he's known her since she was a child. Cool. Again, this was not a great dynamic but... I'm really questioning your intent here. This series does sexual assault against men where the woman was the perpetrator (What Lysa Tully did to Petyr Baelish. He literally thought she was someone else, was drugged out of his mind, and couldn't consent at all), and this ain't it.

  24. Also fathered the most honorable man in ASOIAF, Baelor Breakspear, who shits all over Daemon.

  25. Don't worry! I was entertained and isn't that the point of this sub? :P

  26. Who in your opinion is the best character in the book?

  27. Jaehaerys might’ve forgotten to parent all of his children after Alyssa, but this was a really baller scene.

  28. The Dying of the Dragons — The Blacks and the Greens is probably the best chapter to stop hard at.

  29. …Does she really think that the electorate are going to forget the past decade and a half of her politics?

  30. To be honest, the Harwin/Rhaenyra/Laenor/Qarl relationship was probably the healthiest in the show. Eveybody got what they wanted minus Criston, who is still salty.

  31. Hell, it’s one of the healthiest relationships in ASOIAF/GOT in general.

  32. Daeron didn’t really randomly burn them. A good chunk of them did rip his baby nephew apart. Like it’s terrible for sure, but you can see where the character was coming from.

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