‘We’ve Never Seen Anything Like This Before:’ Black Hole Spews Out Material Years After Shredding Star

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  2. Seems like you actually haven't watched her documentaries. I won't be here discussing her with you, you're probably a triggered individual who complains through a phone instead of doing research. If you want to know about her work, watch her documentaries.

  3. Likely vacuum leak related to the brakes.

  4. So didn't read anything I said. Is foot on brakes? Did you try with a/c on....

  5. So I did a little digging on YouTube and turns out the air throttle and MAF sensor were dirty. I cleaned them up watching a tutorial and now the car runs fine and stopped shaking. Thanks for being the only one kind enough to help me.

  6. Do this with a sunset background lol

  7. Someone send this to the Photoshop guy on Twitter lol

  8. The UK is doomed. He should be excommunicated.

  9. You banned guns, what did you expect?

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  11. Make sure you are also selecting by what you group by. Otherwise it won’t appear.

  12. Entry level tech jobs make almost 30k more. I'm okay with it

  13. So in other words I won't be able to get a job in CS

  14. Astronomer here! I am the lead author on this paper, which is definitely the discovery of a lifetime! The TL;DR is we discovered a bunch of material spewing out of a black hole’s surroundings two years after it shredded a star, going as fast as half the speed of light! While we have seen two black holes that “turned on” in radio 100+ days after shredding a star, this is the first time we have the details, and no one expected this!

  15. Could that material bring new diseases to earth?

  16. Been thinking the same for a while

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  18. Can I substitute pork for chicken?

  19. Life begins at first breath. The woman’s right to life supersedes any life that takes root inside her body.

  20. No. The majority of scientists agree that life begins sooner than that.

  21. Cellular life, sure, but a human life cannot exist without consciousness. The brain is not formed enough for such things before 24 weeks

  22. Sure. Let's unplug all brain dead people or those who are in a comma.

  23. If you have insurance: Free. there. Fixed it for the idiots who support Sanders.

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