Irish Chad speaking facts (first post here 😁)

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  1. Careful about burning bridges. Also you must by law give notice a minimum of 1 week unless agreed with your employer

  2. Maybe the men that you have met are subtely picking up on your hostility and misandry? It would be hard for me to respect someone who generalised a whole group of people like you've just done. Imagine if someone talked about black people in the way you've just talked about men, surely you would call them racist no?

  3. Very cringe. Much prefer wanting my neighbours and culturally similar teams to lose every match.

  4. Supporting each other is so cringe, why can't everyone hate each other smh my head

  5. Are you suggesting the TDs most recently reported on in mainstream media weren’t actually reported on? Is this a quantitative issue and a qualitative issue in their reporting ? Or are you saying they weren’t reported at all which brings us back to the last sentence of my previous post? I don’t have a reading issue in so much as I’m responding to what you wrote. If what you wrote lacked clarity, that is on you.

  6. He said that they (the media outlets) could do more (investigative journalism), it's that simple.

  7. Try being kinder to yourself, step outside of yourself if you can and try and look from a perspective of a friend. What would you say to this friend? How would you treat them? What would you wish for them to do/be? I often find in my own experience that I treat myself a lot worse than I do the people around me. Maybe it's the same for you, I'm not really sure but hopefully within these few hundred comments you find something useful and relevant to you. Good luck OP.

  8. Imagine telling a Brazilian to not dance smh my head.

  9. Eu mesmo sou um europeu frio, mas adoro um brasileiro gostoso ;)

  10. Did you reply to the wrong person? I know guns can be used for killing wild animals. I’m asking about Irish gun culture.

  11. No obviously not. They only use their guns on the farm, when it's relevant. Why would they have them while they're picking up kids? That's literally insane.

  12. I don’t disagree that it should be seen as insane. But… you know that’s incredibly normal in the US, right? Guns are taken to church, coffee shops, schools, grocery store, movie theaters, etc very casually. It is completely normal here to carry guns at all times.

  13. I'm well aware, and I genuinely think you guys are insane for that.

  14. Seeing England get their hopes up during international tournaments is always a highlight.

  15. I'm not flairing up because people here invalidate opinions based on your flag. As if I was personally responsible for anything my country has done

  16. I don't really understand. So does Only Fans not have a Owner that gets rich when you whore yourself out there?

  17. Lol what. No i don't know how. They literally sell their body to make some Ceo rich. How is that different?

  18. The only problem with that is the whole economy would crash

  19. Surely it's something you could slowly implement over time. Within say a two year period. Would give everyone enough time to adjust.

  20. That's pretty fucked up, I'm sorry to hear that. How many of ye are let go? If you know.

  21. Would like to see an Irish version of The Office or an equivalent.

  22. Is this surprising? Genuinely curious if Liverpool supporters saw this coming?

  23. I'm absolutely floored. I would be delighted because FSG have not invested enough in transfers for me, but the alternatives of who could buy us are... worrying.

  24. What's our record against them? I don't know if we've ever played before 🤔

  25. They clearly think they're making a clever parody just by association with "the British" but the parody is based on discount parody fed to America. "Fish an chips!" "The queen has a corgie!" "Prince Philip!"

  26. I imagine even being passive aggressive wouldn't matter, it would probably fly over a lot of their heads.

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