1. Range Usa allows it. The Wixom one does at least for sure. I take my arsenal there all the time. They don't care what you use as long as it's not steel core or penetrating ammo. No m855

  2. Black Locust for sure on some of it

  3. Got out of Wayne County bud. They've had issues with wait times for a long long time now

  4. You can go on the michigan website and it'll have contact info for your region

  5. How is this even remotely constitutional??

  6. 100 per face cord is a fair price. Thats what I charge, southeast Michigan. Mixed hardwood

  7. Depends on the round you're using. 3 1/2 magnums kick no matter what you're using. Mossberg 930 is slightly softer shooting but thats an automatic and not in the same price range as the nova. You can pick up either used though and save a lot of money. I'll never sell my nova though. It doesn't have the aftermarket remington 870 and mossberg 500 have, but its good to go as is.

  8. I’m gonna use 3inch and 23/4 mostly and are all semi autos soft shooting vs pumoz

  9. You're good to go with either pump or semi. I'm not sure about all, I've only used a limited amount, but from my experience semis seem to be softer shooting. The problem with semi vs pump is reliability. Semis can be finicky and need more cleaning. Pumps just go to work.

  10. I rock the shit out of mine when goose hunting. My buddy laughs till you have to chase a goose down through the field with a pocket full of shells slapping you in the knee 😆

  11. I'm definitely going to toss in an extra fee for stacking. I did underestimate the amount of time it takes stacking it. Especially since I sta k it in the trailer, then stack it until it sells and then half the time stack it again.

  12. You need a trailer with taller sides so you can throw it in and be done with it. The more times you touch it, the more money you're losing

  13. That's definitely at the top of the list. I figured most people would want their wood stacked but turns out at least half prefer to do it themselves.

  14. And don't under estimate cost to stack it. You're wasting your time, make them pay for it. Not being rude, but your time is worth something, right

  15. Thanks bud. Don't know why there's so much hate lol 😂

  16. My feet are almost as crooked due to toesteel boots, but my waistline is in shambles anyway hehe. Can still run and shoot, so for all i care....

  17. Yeah I do tree clearing so I'm out walking miles daily on uneven ground all day. Hey man, being able to hit your mark still counts 🤙 rock on you

  18. Yeah, and being chubby, you're harder to kidnap. Plus, recoil mitigation. Win-win ;)

  19. Wow, what a scumbag. Hate to see it but people like this make the guys who do it right shine like a diamond

  20. Anytime. But in all honesty it looks like a tree of heaven. It's garbage wood. I see it a lot in Detroit. It's junk wood

  21. That would be a steal in my area. If its not beat up and ragged on

  22. Just saw the auto part. Get an upgraded torque converter and lockout at minimum so you don't blow that thing to bits. Even slight power upgrades don't sit well with those autos.

  23. So it sounds like I need a turbo, injectors, torque converter to make it faster. Also I need to adjust the injection pump. Do you have any specific parts you recommend?

  24. I used to have a 96' 12 valve with a stick so I'm pretty familiar. I never upgraded my turbo or injectors though. In terms of parts for the trans you'll have to do some research, I never dealt with the autos of that era. Mine was the nv4500 so I was pretty good with a solid clutch upgrade. I can say though that with just turning up the injector pump and with the clutch I was able to move close to 20k lbs without a problem. Stopping on the other hand is the weak point of that era of trucks as opposed to now. I was eating up brake pads 3 times a year sometimes. Had to do calipers once a year. I've got a 14' 2500 now and this thing stops was better than a 96' 3500. The addition of an exhaust brake and bigger calipers and pads is great. Hated having to replace the shoes in the rear of my old dually. Pain in the ass to rip everything apart just to get to them

  25. I'm planning on using it as a carry piece, but I'm torn between leaving the light on or off since I plan to carry appendix. But I'm also getting a duty holster just for fun like the Trex Arms Ironside, and that will 100% be with the light on. With the light on, the length is about the same as a G34, which doesn't affect concealability, but it does affect comfort. If I recall the X300U on a G34 sits almost flush. But I will say, when it's on my Gen 5 G19 with my Taran Tactical +5 basepad it's proportionally sexy to me, plus I plan to get an Agency Arms threaded barrel for suppressed shooting and maybe a comp down the road.

  26. Sounds like a hell of a setup for sure. Yeah that's the other thing I'm debating on, is if its going to be comfortable enough for CC

  27. I haven't had much time on the TLR7A, since I don't personally own one. But I'de say it's a cooler color than the Streamlight but still not quite a white light. Shining it on my white walls I do notice a slight yellow tint around the main beam of light, but I doubt most would notice due to the higher candela, especially outside. This is more of a "check for yourself thing since numbers on a chart can only tell you so much. I would ask at a store that is selling one to see if they could demo the light for you, so you can get a better idea.

  28. Gotcha, sounds good. Do you use it as a carry piece of more of a duty rolę?

  29. Yes 66k candela but only 650 lumens so nearly zero spill. Same as an OKW head. With an OKW even @ 100 yards the beam is not wide. Good for shooting at 100 or even 200 yards when you already know your surroundings are safe and know about where your target is. So the limitations of a hunting light without the raw power of a 2k lumen, 200k candela hunting light and on a pistol…?

  30. Carry. Yeah I was debating if it wasn't a bit too much but I'd rather have more than not enough. Light discipline is important to keep from binding yourself, I feel like some people maybe don't practice it properly. I've seen guys blind themselves in mirrors and dumb stuff life that plenty

  31. If a month later CD releases their brighter, throwier, smaller light are you going to feel stuck with the light & holster you already bought or will you feel free to change?

  32. Well, I'm not necessarily a slave to any company and am willing to adapt and move on if that makes sense. I don't sit and dwell on most things, but if a change is necessary I'm willing to make it happen

  33. 462 for sure. We run them at work clearing lots and i run one for my firewood. Good power to weight ratio.

  34. Not as bombproof as a Cloud, Modlite, or Zebra but the Fenix PD32v2 is 1,200 lumens and 39,000 candela it’s the most focused light with a 1” diameter bezel you can get. It’s settings are 30/350/1200 and the UI is excellent. Not quite as much throw as a Modlite but about equal to the Cloud EDC head.

  35. Run a sm-13 mount from arsenal on my sam and haven't had any issues with it. Has held zero without any issues

  36. There pontiac lake shooting range in Waterford that's alright, and Williams gun sights has an alright outdoor range

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