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  1. He’s built like a brick shithouse and he’s a giant turbonerd, I love it. If he ever gets talking about gaming, building a PC, Warhammer, he turns in a 6 year old.

  2. Yeah but probably takes a lot of effort and she probably runs out of steam fast. Best tactic is probably to dodge roll or parry (if your timing is good enough) until she runs out of reserves and her combos slow. Then you step in for a fast combo and retreat before she regains her ground. Just keep doing that till she drops.

  3. Casually enjoying Half-Life 2 until you get to Ravenholm then promptly uninstall...

  4. The real WTF is where all the people came from, it's like every building had 15 people just waiting to rush out

  5. Ngl kinda disappointed they didn't add trophies tied to the labors. Maybe it would have felt tedious but IMO sometimes you need one or two of those thrown in to really make you feel like you earned the Plat

  6. They needed a trophy for beating it in 'Give Me God of War' difficulty, all the way through.


  8. Ya'll need to stick an AirTag or a SmartTag in ya'll's car somewhere.

  9. I've actually been thinking about converting to Kratosism. We should start a new church...maybe...Kult of Kratos...

  10. So everyone’s boomer parents were right after all

  11. Definitely starting to get the feeling we're living in a simulation.

  12. Now that I think about it does make sense as a more elegant way to create bounded arenas for fights without having a garish white wall randomly popping up.

  13. A lot of those traversal breaks are the boundaries for automatic quick saves. Passing thru the traversal break (hop over the log, lift the pillar, squeeze thru the crack, etc) are a method of triggering a check point quick save for that area without it being obvious to the player and breaking immersion.

  14. If it isn't by specially built machines (like the stuff doctors would use) I say any damage gets you out

  15. What about medically removed? Not because there was anything wrong with it but because it was in the way of substandard flesh that needed to be removed.

  16. Think it's only SIL2. If it were 3, there would be a Safety Partner with the processor. Don't ask me what the partner actually does, because I have zero clue.

  17. It's basically like a redundant processor running the same program in parallel with the main one such that they both should calculate and output the values at baiscilly the same time and if one goes down then you can still expect the safety program to still run on the processor that is still good.

  18. I stumble onto this subreddit a while back and I’m happy I can now properly mention it

  19. Everyone has their own journey. At least they got there.

  20. I mean...I'd accept a little bit of corruption for a billion dollars too, man. I'd do like..."three chick's at the same time" kind-of fucked up shit if I had a billion dollars.

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