1. Watch your sugar and salt intake. Too much of one or the other can make you thirsty and dehydrated. Same with alcohol. Also maybe thing of PD or home hemo if possible. Home modalities can allow for a lot mot freedom and leeway for food and fluid because you can run dialysis daily and change things as needed. The only time I had fluid restrictions, was when I first started dialysis (in-center). Since going on PD, my fluid restrictions are gone and I don't make any urine. I used to be thirsty all the time but I cut out all axtra salt and stopped eating/drinking high sugary foods. Processed foods is a huge culprit for excess salt.

  2. I started when I was only 15. Now I’m 33 soon 34 (I hope). I do this for 18 years and it absolutely not easy. I had a huge stomach surgery when I was 16, I was only 30 kg, the same year both of my kidneys removed. The next few years I had 2 unsuccessful transplants. I lost 3 AV fistulas, they are using my 4th one. Had a lots of CVC. Dialysis not a carefree life there are a lots of ups and downs, bad blood pressure, thirst, forbidden foods. Fatigue, no strength for work, hopelessness what the future holds to me? But this is only the half of that life, in the other half there are family, friends, pets, hobbies, small travels, walking in the nature, enjoying the sun, flowers, grass, sky and many more. Easier to say, I stop that or stop everything but it is a livable life and I choose and try to listen to my body to be as healthy as I can, even though I’m on dialysis. I will never say it is an easy life but worth to fight for it, and I think I said a lots of thing not just in my own name. Peace

  3. See, we all have our own personalized experience. I was diagnosed at 6. During that time, I had all of downfalls that goes with a transplant, but with none of the actual benefits of having a transplant. I was on immunosuppressives and steroids for twenty years before ever going on dialysis. Those meds have wrecked my body and I am paying the consequences for those meds up to this day. Unlike you, my friends all disappeared, my family can't really do anything to ease my 24-7 pain and discomfort. I had to give up all my hobbies, lost my job and income, and am unable to hold down even a part time job because my days are so unpredictable. I don't get to travel much becsuse of costs and logistics of traveling with PD equipment. I don't get enjoy the outside and being in nature anymore because I have developed severe allergies to pollens, grass, dust and many foods. I struggle to eat enough calories in a day and a transplant is out of the question. I will never get to have a family of my own. No wife, no kids, yet every day I have to deal with the emotional stress of seeing people all around me getting to enjoy everything life had to offer.

  4. Well, consolation for you might be that you got to live to adulthood. This tells us something sadly true about this thing called Life. How horrific and sad it can be, and often is. That as unfortunate and miserable as you are, you still got decades on others who didnt even get a shot. God Life is messed up.

  5. Yep. It is shitshow for sure. And anyone who thinks they deserve some sort of equity is naive and in for difficult and harsh realization that life is unfair. You either accept it or you don't.

  6. I've done this switch twice in my 10 years on dialysis. I am assuming you have never done in-center at all before. It's cold, so bring a small blanket. I would also advise bringing a small pillow, maybe even two (one to sit on). The chairs are uncomfortable. Bring something to occupy your time, like a laptop, tablet, phone, DVD player, portable game system, books. Some facilities have built in TV's. Some offer head-phones, but mine did not, so bring a good pair of headphones. You don't want to be the asshole playing your music/tv/movie over a speaker, annoying the shit put of everyone else.

  7. I firmly believe weed is a literal wonder drug. It has proven through decades of use that it helps with many different health ailments.

  8. I smoke weed almost everyday, my nephrologist has told me numerous times to smoke, lowers blood pressure, and helps with my anxiety, I also eat edibles for my pain

  9. Wish was legal in my state. I take gummies every now and then though. I used to smoke oil/pens, but had to give that up due to the aggravation it cause with my allergies.

  10. Do people usually feel bad 24 hours after HD? Because that’s the effect it previously had on her. That’s not the case with PD.

  11. I did. It would take the entire "off days" to recover. So I might only have 1 day a week where I didn't feel like utter trash. Most people don't have such extreme effects from HD, but I have talked to quite a few people who have had the same experiences as me with HD.

  12. She is in a nursing home right now—only one doing PD. We are looking for new place bc family is leaving state where she is.

  13. Age and overall health profile also play a large role in how someone will react during/after HD. The older you are, the more likely you are to have longer/harder recovery time, if at all. But then there are people like me, who just have shit luck when it comes to anything related to health, and I have been on dialysis since I was 26 (10 years).

  14. Huh. Never seen/heard of this before. What machine? I'm using Liberty cycler/Fresenius.

  15. Sheesh, and I thought I was young! People keep telling me you’re young to be on dialysis. Um, yes I am aware. I hope you are on the transplant list and able to be transplanted, not ineligible. My transplant center said they prioritize kids first and people under 40. Have you noticed brain fog?

  16. I'm not on list. Not technically ineligible, but I have a rough, long history. And I can't justify the unknowns/uncertainty that would go along if I were to attempt a transplant. I have enough time (been on over 10 years) to be at top of list if I were to go active. But I have a host of other problems on top of my kidney issues now, so I don't know if a transplant would actually improve my my life by much. And the stress that goes along with it, since I have been on disability the whole time (which ain't enough to live on, so don't go thinking it's cause I'm lazy). I have put out my life on this sub several times, and it hasn't been easy nor pretty. But I get by. I have accepted my fate.

  17. I get it. Transplant is not for everyone. I’m a bit nervous about the after effects but figure it has to be better than dialysis.

  18. Depends. I was on the same meds that are used post transplant, for 20 years. They do just as much damage as required go keep the transplant viable. Because of that, I have the problems of an 80 year old at less than half the age. My joints are shot, my bones are akin to balsa-wood, I've already been blind once due to cataracts, lost 95% hearing in right ear while losing hearing in left. I have developed allergies to (what seems) damn near everything (foods, pollens, grass, dust). I have 24-7 severe tissue inflammation at numerous mucosa sites. So I pretty much got all the lifelong damages without the luxury of actually getting a transplant. My height was also stunted, so you can add in the emotional problems that goes with that when your a tween/teen/adult.

  19. This drives me crazy. I own a touchscreen laptop which is more powerful than a tablet and I can't run the Lego builder app. So I'm stuck with a crappy PDF reader.

  20. Have you tried bluestack? It may do PDF, but I'm not 100% positive (never tried). It can play mobile games, so I'm pretty sure it can do mobile app PDF.

  21. Ok thank you. I thought since I’m immunocompromised being sick was a bigger risk.

  22. Just wondering. In my teens, I had developed steroid induced diabetes foe a few years. And from my (now poor) memory, I think that was also around when I started noticing more foamy urine.

  23. If she is in ICU, that is a whole different scenario. She should only be moved if 1)she is stable enough to be moved 2) you have a new ready and eager to take her as a new patient. And depending on where you are, that might not even be an option.

  24. Just leave. Seriously take whatever offer you can get and leave. It's sunk-cost fallacy to wait for a good enough offer.

  25. Finally, I see someone calling it out for what it is, sunk-cost fallacy. Evony is literally designed around that principle.

  26. I tried to get a refund for a $99 pack I never received the items for. Apple said no. Evony was also unconcerned with me not receiving what I paid for. I wouldn’t gamble 2k on maybe getting a refund from Apple.

  27. I had the same thing happen with GooglePlay. I couldn't get a refund through the game, so I tried to get one through Gplay, they basically said eff off. Not our problem

  28. What he doesn't realize is she wad gonna pay him a lifelong helping of herpes. The gift that keeps on giving.

  29. I didn't get what you mentioned about dialysis and this article. This is just a different method to measure the GFR to be independent of race as compared to the previous method when the GFR was reported for non-african American and for African Americans.

  30. The previous equations calculated the GFR from Creatinine which depends on the muscle mass. Hence, it was calculated differently for African Americans and non African Americans. With this study, they included cystatin C which is not dependant on the muscle mass so the race could be eliminated from GFR calculation to help prevent bias or inequity based on the race.

  31. I'll admit, I did not read the article, nor am I hugely read up on the algorithms used to determine these readings. But you saying they were actually using different metrics related to muscle mass and that race alone had that much of muscle mass metric difference between white people and black people? If so, that is the most asinine medical science I have heard in long time and makes me sad for humanity. Even a lamens could see that would be a stupid way to determine something. But then again, the modern medical industrial complex has been using all sorts of tactics to muck up real efforts to help people.

  32. Also what is his UF total when doing exchanges and how much urine does your father make? If don't know ask the nurse what is urine output was when collecting adequacy

  33. I think PD problems stem mostly from body type and over health profile. I have been on PD for 10 years, and the actual PD itself has been the least of my problems. Most of my issues just stem from overall progression of health decline. I have so many other issues on top of my failed kidneys, that it makes it difficult to determine what is the true pathology of a problem. I eat 1, Maybe 2 meals a day. I am now "allergic" to so much, the only thing I eat now is grilled chicken, white rice and some green beans. No dairy, no nuts, no gluten/wheat, no heavy carbs, complex sugars.

  34. Ok. Now that you mention that I might have ate too soon or even during my treatment but not much.

  35. Yeah, you want at least a good hour from eating to fill. And also try to eat lighter foods for the meal before starting dialysis. The lighter, the better. Nothing worse than gas, plus having a fill in.

  36. Okay, thanks for the help. I used to take a few diuretics when I was KTP, and it used to work. Now just peeing for a second or two is like a miracle.

  37. Yeah, I wad on diuretics for most of my 20 years pre-dialysis. And up until the last maybe 2 years it never failed to work. But you have to have more than just a handful of function left. Otherwise it can cause more problems than it would help. I have had zero function/zero urine output for like 8 years now. How you feel and how your body treats fluid is very different the less remaining function you have. Like, someone with 2% and someone with 10% would have night and day noticeable differences.

  38. Is there any way to bring back a little more function or just in general to increase the amount of pee cause that would be a life changer?

  39. It's depends on the pathology of the kidney failure. But for 90%+ of cases, no. Once function is gone, it's gone. Best thing you can do is watch/control your salt and fluid intake.

  40. Do you have other treatment providers you can consult? I too have been frustrated with my treatment and after struggling to get it right I decided to change doctors and leave DaVita for fresenius. I hope my issues can be addressed competently. But I truly get the depression. I have no social life anymore either.

  41. Honestly, I have thought about changing providers, except I love my PD nurse. She was the one who initially approached me about moving from in-center hemo (which was hell) to home therapy PD. And it was the best decision I ever made since losing all function. She has been there since day 1, and knows everything about me (far better than my nephrologist). In fact, I followed her when my old physician retired and she changed Dr's she worked with. There is another physician that she works with, that I could switch to( and might).

  42. This is heartbreaking, KRP, I’m so sorry you haven’t been able to enjoy your life. You’ve been through so much, your exhaustion/frustration is totally understandable. Have you talked to your mother about this? I’m sure it will be very hard for her.

  43. Actually yes. She knows exactly how I feel and my wishes for further care. She has been by my side since the start. Has always done whatever is possible to help out, and love and am grateful for every second of it. But if anyone is familiar with "spoon theory" (I think that's what it's called), I have run out of spoons. I just have no more energy to spare on more things to go wrong, and continue to pretend I am OK with it.

  44. Merging: If you are in a merging lane that is about to end, it is up to YOU to merg. It is NOT up to the people in the lane you are merging into to let you in. So either speed up, or slow down, and yes, be prepared to stop if you hit the end and have not gotten over.

  45. Always know what's around you! Know what cars are behind you or in the lane next to you. That way, if you feel you have to change lanes quickly you know whether you can or can't.

  46. Active scanning is the way it was taught to me. You should be actively scanning 360° constantly. Like every 2-3 minutes, you should have scanned. And that includes looking up to 2 blocks ahead, both sides of the road. You want to be prepared for people to do dumb shit.

  47. Look, the president called me and said, “Anything you need.” I have not called him back after that conversation. We will not hesitate to do that if we’re seeing a problem or anything, but I’m not seeing it.’ — Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine


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  51. Hey, I know this question was posted a year ago but I’m having that same issue, ie, my pin not working after getting a new phone. When you say you just reinstalled the app, does that mean you deleted the app then reinstalled it? I’m just worried about losing my account and thus, all my money.

  52. Yeah, I deleted and re-installed. Your account should be fine. You can always log in to the website to change anything as well as the phone app.

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