1. I worried over this, on monitor and gpu purchase. Btw, 6000 series do support "forum VRR" and freesync. My monitor (Lg Oled B9 w gsync via hdmi 2.1) allows VRR but no Freesync. If a monitor has an hdmi 2.1 it may support VRR natively.

  2. Would using Radeon Chill be a bad idea to achieve this? Or should I be using a different setting?

  3. This monitor doesn't have the V2 chip so you'll have no freesync. So you'll have to run either uncapped or vsync.

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  5. I've got a 6800XT Red Dragon - I love the card. Sometimes in game/ Heaven benchmark, I notice micro stutters. There are few and far between, but noticeable enough for me to seek out and create this post. With just that information, anyone have any ideas or are there any settings I can play around with to alleviate these from happening?

  6. Hi all. I have a 6800 XT, just switched from an nVidia 3070 TI and I am so happy that I switched to AMD. I know they are comparable, but the 6800 XT performs much better and with lower temps. One question I had to ask is, when the 6800 XT is under load, I hear a whining noise. The noise doesn't bother me and the temps/ fans run properly. Is there anything else I should be worried about or is this just a matter of being okay with the whining noise and nothing else?

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  8. Does a memory cleaner fix this issue?

  9. 3 people downvoted you for asking a reasonable question? What?

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  11. Shit like this is exactly why I don't play this game anymore.

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  14. You may get a small performance increase using the iGPU for the secondary monitor. It removes the need to render on the dGPU allowing it to dedicate all its processing for your main display.

  15. This is what I was thinking but wasn't too sure. Thanks for the input on this!

  16. An unstable GPU overclock will usually cause that game to lock or CTD, but not freeze the entire computer. However, an unstable RAM overclock will cause a complete system freeze or BSOD.

  17. Thanks for the response. That was my initial thought as well. Thanks for reinforcing that for me.

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