1. I don't know king, I think you might need more infantry

  2. I’m technically tag-teaming with my older brother who will be running primarily death riders and infantry. He’ll be screening for me in the front line while I use my infantry to secure objectives and guard the rear

  3. Mixed bag of official and proxy/3d printed models from various online sources 🤙

  4. Very nice. Why does the microwave have all zeros?

  5. It’s new and I never set the clock lol

  6. I got the painted one with chainsword and pistol

  7. I might pick that one up to repaint as well

  8. I see you also have not reset the clock on your microwave since the last time the power went out.

  9. It’s actually a new micro, so it was never set to begin with 😂

  10. I don’t want to run a nazi army and I don’t like being called a coward. I like the look of two vehicles and converted them into my own army which I call Bundeswehr (which means federal defence). Before yesterday I never shared anything I made on Reddit.

  11. Don’t sweat it man, it’s a rad kitbash

  12. Bro where did you get those halo wars heads?!!! I have my army painted in halo scheme but don’t have heads

  13. Already done, Chips is the one going 🤙

  14. Armor files are from the Facebook fan group for anyone interested 🤙

  15. Your designs are really good, love em. I made a marine cosplay pretty recently and I'm gonna borrow some of your ideas to update it.

  16. Send me pics of it when you’re done!

  17. Those are sick!! Had to check out your OG too, damn you make them boys look good under Lord Hood! The Halo 3 Marines and ODST are my favorite, maybe cause 3 is my favorite. Knocked it out of the Ark with your work here, love it.

  18. Hey thanks 🍻. 3 was my first Halo so it’s naturally my favorite haha

  19. Fake grass and bush stuff from a model train shop 🤙

  20. It's actually kinda Surreal how well the Magnum fits in the place of a Bolt Pistol.

  21. Funny enough, it’s actually a third party model meant for space marines (hence the giant hand). But I figured it’d pass as a prosthetic hand for the much smaller Guardsman Sgt.

  22. Surely you have some better pictures than these of your work. They're cropped awkwardly and skewed weird.

  23. This is nice work! I was wondering which software you used? I’m currently learning Blender to do similar things.

  24. That beltfed should be up, against the rock & firing.

  25. The situation I built for this scene involved the 240 jamming and needing to be cleared. That let the baddies get real close and added to the chaos of the whole scene. Couldn’t really express that in a brief title though 🤷‍♂️

  26. Rite - Totally understandable. great composition

  27. Is that a goblin in a plate carrier? I love this!

  28. Yup, he’s actually a side character in the book series this is based on. They initially took him as a prisoner, but he turned into more of a squad pet and eventually became an assistant gunner/ammo mule for one of the machine gun teams.

  29. Well you beat me to posting this here lol. I made my own post about it just now 😂

  30. God damn this looks sick! You got some serious talent, my friend! :)

  31. Thanks! The series is a great rabbit hole to fall down. I started the 5th one this past week. Can’t recommend it enough

  32. Nick Cole and (I think) Jason Anspach. A bunch of Rangers get thrown into a fantasy world (story is a little more complicated than that, but that's spoiler territory), proceed to kick ass but not without losses, challenges, and...changes. It's fun.

  33. Made the critical mistake of trusting cheap spray paint. Most likely gonna fully strip it, but I don’t hate the “extremely muddy” look.

  34. Definitely got an M&P Sport or a Ruger in there.

  35. I conceal a P10-F. Definitely not the most comfortable IWB carry, but not the worst and I love the gun so it works

  36. I love that gun too, but the only way is in winter with jacket or heavy clothes. 19rd mag, really long grip. Love it!

  37. I just wear a button-down short sleeve over a tucked in undershirt. Works like a charm

  38. Temporarily titled “You got games on your phone?” until I think up a snazzier one.

  39. This is the first render in a small series I've been working on. Check out my

  40. Dude I want a 3D printer and my dad is asking me why. He knows what my favorite album is, and it’s danger days. He’s watched the Na Na Na music video. It should be obvious what I want to do, but I’m too nervous to tell him exactly why

  41. There are a ton of really cool things you can make with a printer aside from props like these! I’m sure you can look around for stuff he’d appreciate as well as this blaster

  42. Looking great! So, that wouldn't happen to be Imperial Guard in the background?

  43. That was actually accidental lol but I’m rolling with it. The lighter brown was supposed to be orange and the darker red. But I dig it.

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