1. I also realized I haven't included much horror I will fix that on later parts, sorry for that

  2. Message me for your thoughts on this, thank you guys for the positive feedback on PT.1 thank you!

  3. This is my first RulesHorror story, feel free to reply to this for any flaws, thank you!

  4. Nah no flaws just make p.2 longer when it’s out

  5. What the hell man, oh you probably aren't even a man

  6. I would love a series like this, great story!

  7. Happens, the creator designed it that way, impossible to reach.

  8. Rather then designed it this way, it's rather a bug caused by the random generation. I don't mind it, but lately I've had a game where the map was distributed into three large land masses, unable to reach each other.

  9. I always thought those random Halo Island and other maps had variants of them just rotating in different ways, huh.

  10. Fake, you can see a name there and it seems to be bold and small, so it is a bot.

  11. "Sorry, but this is your fault for leaving your attack bar at 100% (or whatever big number it was at). Don't do that and this doesn't happen."

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