1. VFC SCAR H also don't use the common SR25 mags (at least not without modification), they use a semi proprietary mag, so buy all the mags you need when the mags are in stock. Same with the TM NGRS although you can't modify SR25 mags to fit.

  2. tm ngrs takes only TM mag or other brand mags too?

  3. oh got u cuz it has the feature where the bolt goes back(mimick) or something when ur out of bb right?

  4. He did not play last game and the game before that he was wincing. There are concerns his ankle injury from the world cup is worse than previously thought.

  5. damn i didnt know. lots of injuries on both side. its interesting match for all

  6. Perhaps a fun match in the hospital

  7. EBB is a bad idea, most guns will self destruction if you don't loctite everything.

  8. thankyou man, yeah seems like going with the simple cyma is a better idea.

  9. Both, Cyma platinums are some of the best guns on the market, and electric recoil tends to shake itself to death.

  10. got you, ill go with cyma then. yeah i was skeptical how long the recoil thing gonna last.

  11. mike glover is legit operator, unlike mike baker who is still cia puppet

  12. i just got notification, it shipped. i ordered on 7th of jan

  13. So many Bayern flairs saying that as well. Do you even know your own keeper lol As if Bayern would give up on someone who’s been touted as the best in history. I still believe he will stay for another couple of seasons. Firing his best friend is a statement though.

  14. yeah def, firing his best bud is a statement but all these bayern flair made is sound like neuer just gonna pack bag and go live with toni lol. when neuer comes back, he will be the no#1 regardless who is in the goal or who is the gk coach

  15. lg is playing cruel game with me, the whole time it was processing and now when best buy has it for preorder, it says awaiting shipping lol

  16. im just wait for neuer to come back and win UCL and euro and retire

  17. I ordered on the 5th of January, still processing as of a few mins ago

  18. same i ordered on 7th of jan and it said it will ship on 15th today but still processing. i called lg, they told me they dont have monitor in stock and they will contact u when they do

  19. I got an email about two hours ago saying mine shipped. I ordered early morning on the 12th.

  20. i hope mine ships too cuz when i ordered on 7th of this month, it said it will ship on 16th. rn still says processing

  21. to put in perspective on dates, since yours was significantly more recent:

  22. When I ordered it it said on their site that they will ship on 16th.i hope it does for my order too

  23. Dembele going out almost cost us the game, was he injured or something?

  24. René Higuita did it before Neuer no? Obviously Neuer was like.. Top class, I always remember his save vs Benzema in the WC (either 2010 or 2014 tbh I forget) and how the ball just bounced off his arm

  25. What's the difference between best of all time and greatest of all time?

  26. they never learn dude. i remember it was italy when all hell broke lose in 2020.

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