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  1. That's about a half hour from where I live and I find out about it on Reddit. Wild. Haha.

  2. I mean, I truly trust in what they're doing, but just cut it with the circle jerking hype please. If I see one more Google eyes tweet followed by 6 months of nothing to show...

  3. I ate rice and beans for a year and washed my clothes by hand in the bathtub until I got my food stamps back 3 months ago. These assholes have zero clue of what they are dealing with.

  4. I don't even chew gum anymore. I throw the gum in the trash and chew on the foil.

  5. Just before V fucks up Sadler and his chief of security, followed by the houses of Parliament getting blown to shit.

  6. Man, something is going on tonight. I'm feeling pretty hyped.

  7. Pulled out of the cop car he stole, then dragged to safety away from a moving train, THEN gets arrested?!?! That's gotta be the whitest guy in town!!

  8. I'm too poor for a next gen console and this is a HSW upgrade vehicle. Soooooo I guess poor people will miss out on this as well. I assume they will bring these cars back later though.

  9. No trades going in, just like how retail's trades never go in. Now they're gonna know how it feels. Muahaha fuckers.

  10. I found his Black Swan book in a thrift store almost a year ago. I need to read it. It's been criminally sitting on my shelf.

  11. Amen. Be like that Hi-Fi game. Just drop something sweet out of nowhere instead of years of nonstop advertising like Cyberpunk and Forspoken.

  12. Absolutely. Some people are just good humans and will think to act without regard to themselves. The best kind of people alive....that's why they say nice guys finish last.

  13. The effect of this on prices will be minimal to none according to this

  14. Corporations just need a story as an excuse to price gouge us. Hillendale will probably make record profits and buy back billions in stock just like Chevron did while we all go homeless. God bless neoliberal capitalism.

  15. You know, in a functional society and proper government we could maybe diagnose this as an issue and work towards fixing it. But one side is cop dickriders who don’t want to admit there may be an issue here because their cousin is a cop and they like him, so back the blue.

  16. Remember when a guy who was high on PCP was shouting "stonks!!" outside of a GameStop?? Yeah, this guy was his dealer.

  17. Damn straight. I need to leave this shithole and move to France. I like your spirit!!! America, to me, feels like it's beaten its citizens so much that there is an apathetic nihilistic attitude here. It feels sort of hopeless.

  18. Funny you posted this. I'm wearing that shirt at work right now. Haha.

  19. Maybe what? A crash? I hope. This has been the slowest death march ever.

  20. I love Buck. I'm so happy to see him come back. Makes me feel like a kid again.

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