Crazy lady with the brain tumor husband here for an absolutely incredible update. I am literally in tears.

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  1. Business wise, this is a good move. Lower prices, wider audience

  2. That’s not how it works though.

  3. It’s not legal to fly on someone else’s property in plenty of states. I think it doesn’t really matter as long as you aren’t interfering with anyone, but since op can constantly hear it, it’s a problem. The most peaceful resolution would be calling the police, which in that case they will probably just tell the kids to fly somewhere else. Again, these are most likely kids 16-20 years old, and I know when I was that age and someone fucked with my drone I would take unreasonable revenge into my own hands.

  4. This is inaccurate. You don’t fly on property, you fly in air space which is public.

  5. If you are in the us, make sure it’s a kids drone + not commercial.

  6. I’ve been wondering if she inherited money or received a settlement of some kind and “her business” is really just her living off that money and occasionally selling a piece of jewelry here and there but now her money has run out and her business was never viable.

  7. I’m down w/ this theory. It totally sounds like she got a hit of $$, moved to Fla and assumed she knew how to run her own business because she used to work at a jewelry store.

  8. Would Kevin KO the beard? Would he be a puss ass bitch?

  9. Their father is an importer, he brings them a ton of fake designer. Check DHGate for fendi blazer

  10. Wait til you have runny poop. Poop in a taco shell add cheese and take a picture.

  11. This is the level of detail required to solve problems.

  12. He does, it’s a Scooby Snack.

  13. This may be the worst thing I’ve ever read.

  14. Merriweather Lewis of the Lewis and Clark expedition fame made a habit of it. He suffered from arsenic poisoning after correctly identifying arsenic, which he treated as he did most other things: With laxatives.

  15. Makes sense, just poop it out.

  16. A terrible house fire in my town started from one of these—two ppl died. The oil leaked out into an outlet, electrical fire. So, I personally don’t use those + would not fuck around w/ refilling them.

  17. I used to like her a lot, but her personality recently seems forced. I also saw a vid that gave me the ick recently:

  18. I haaate this shit so much. It’s takes advantage of people who don’t seem to have real friends or family and it’s really sad. Especially because I suspect a lot of these ppl who don’t have the means to be donating.

  19. As long as it isn't Brittany and Marcelino... I'm good!

  20. IMO food knowledge has a lot to do w/ where you live + how you grew up + not how educated you are.

  21. Cheese doesn’t even go on fajitas lady.

  22. I doubt the Saudis will accept bankruptcy as an excuse to steal their money.

  23. I don’t think the Saudi’s loaned him anything, I think they want the platform shit down & that’s what they paid for.

  24. Shit down is the right term

  25. Lol, I left that typo on purpose

  26. It’s paid store advertising + placement.

  27. Bring it, need my trash can filled in 2023

  28. Did she get a new eyebrow tat? What does it say?

  29. Lol, these are ridiculous + I love when ppl wear them for real, cracks me up.

  30. Congratulations, I know the relief that comes from this. MM saved me years ago—I learned about the company from Suzie Orman, cannot recommended enough.

  31. Good grief, ridiculous—the ‘I’m leaving troupe’ is just as much of a grift as asking for money, just an ego boost comment feed.

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