1. You think they promote it? Catfishing has been a reality since the internet was invented and we were all first discovering chat rooms. With or without the TV show, it's human nature for some people to take advantage of the anonymity the web provides.

  2. I think they just mean that the show promoted the usage of the term “cat fishing”, not the act itself.

  3. One of the laziest romance tropes (not just in SVU fanfics but in general) is to create a Iove triangle where one member is pure evil. It’s like the authors can’t figure out a way to make their romantic storyline make sense unless the third wheel character is the Devil incarnate.

  4. Most of them are smart enough to use the same stolen photos across platforms.

  5. Ugh, I can’t stand that word. I heard it a billion times as a teacher, and I still cringe every time I hear it. It ranks high on the list of words women should never say in a professional environment if they want to be taken seriously. Obviously it’s just as bad when men say it, but a man can kind of play it off as a “proud dad slaps his football star son on the back and says ‘you make your old man proud, kiddo’ kind of scenario. When a woman says it, it sounds very “PTA mom rallying the troops before the Fall Festival fundraiser”.

  6. For me it just reminds me of the annoying way that people talk on relationship advice blogs and subreddits. Hubby, wifey, kiddo, DH, DS, etc. None of this stuff is inherently bad to use in a regular conversation but I really don't want it to become the norm everywhere and in every context.

  7. Sorry to spam post but...Oh my! Wow! You think Covid cause the OP to send a snarky email!?

  8. Maybe I missed it but I don't even see where the original OP siad that she was sick or had COVID. It sounds like she just misunderstood something her boss said and lost her temper, which is a thing that happens and isn't necessarily (or even likely) a result of a disease.

  9. Herschel Walker really thinks "celebrities having opinions" is the worst problem facing the US? I don't even get what he was trying to say about kids feeling sorry for themselves. Not to mention, uh, he's a celebrity? Maybe he should take his own advice 🤔

  10. Typically when people complain about celebrities having political opinions, they only mean liberal opinions. Conservative celebrities, of course, are always welcome in politics (Dr. Oz, Herschel Walker, Donald Trump, etc.) Celebrities who espouse conservative or right-wing-friendly political views are also welcome to speak out, such as Joe Rogan or Jordan Peterson. That's never a problem, it's always liberal or left of center celebs that need to shut up and dribble.

  11. Brad Pitt and emrata …. Might be dating …. According to deuxmoi ( I know I know )

  12. Wait, Brad Pitt?? What, was Pete Davidson busy??

  13. Gretchen said she needs patreons because she is going to need a lawyer. What’s the point of dating Nicole Cliffe if she isn’t going to pay your legal fees!

  14. Wait, is this some kind of money making racket?

  15. This is hardly a hot take. It's pretty much conventional wisdom. As someone who has been into the series since before AFFC came out, I do think there's sort of a reverse engineering element to some of this though. GRRM really is a very slow writer as it pertains to this series. His pace of writing the last two books was extremely slow even before GoT, Elden Rings, and the other projects were on the radar. GRRM has plenty of experience in the TV industry (in fact I think his screenwriting days preceded his novelist days or at least he did both at the same time before he started ASOIAF) so I don't think he was really overwhelmed by that aspect of it.

  16. I think some people like to critique the later seasons whilst remembering the earlier seasons too fondly ahaha. There was definitely a number of Stabler-era seasons with too many personal storylines too. Like S10, where we have an ep where Stabler punches a man for having a pic of his daughter Lizzie on some creepy website, followed directly by the ep with Kathleen spiralling due to being bi-polar, followed directly by the ep with Stabler's mentor (astronaut?) buddy...And ending the season with their own CSU technician being a murderer. It was pretty ridiculous lol.

  17. I agree. Remember the episode with Munch’s uncle? Or the time when Stabler’s kid finds a dead body that’s on fire? Or the time when Stabler’s kid counsels a rape victim? Or the time when Stabler’s kid’s friend gets killed? Or the time when Olivia’s brother was a suspected of serial rape? Or the time when Olivia was being stalked by a guy who hated her because she investigated him in the past? Or the time when a rape victim reported her rape to a friend of Stabler’s wife? Or the time when a child molestation victim reported to Stabler’s kid’s elementary school when he happened to be there for a presentation?

  18. There’s a lot of interesting Canadian cases that I think would fit into the SVU world and give the writers some interesting cases. Cases with a lot of substance plus highlights a vulnerable populations. Please if these “headline” cases have been done I would love to be directed in the right place!

  19. The Homolka case was already done in like season 3 (“Damaged”) and again in the original Law and Order many years ago.

  20. I find it impressive that you found a way to make porn on Reddit fun instead of it just being porn plain and simple. Keep up the good work!

  21. Most of season 10, especially "Wildlife" and "Zebras".

  22. I can’t believe he blew his big opportunity to work with the Matt Damon, all because his best friend got food poisoning.

  23. I'm not sure what the movie was, but the scene was his character working as a hotel bellhop walking Matt Damon's character to a hotel room, He only had one line of dialogue but he kept screwing it up because he was super tired. It later turns out that his best friend faked food poisoning to keep him up all night at the hospital in order to sabotage his chances of becoming a successful actor. Goren and Eames reveal this to him and that's when he confesses to the murder and reveals that his best friend put him up to it.

  24. Shopify is just a platform. Anyone can throw together a Shopify website in a few minutes, that doesn't mean that it's a real store.

  25. Ask her what the program is called and how you would qualify. If the link goes to an official website (.gov) and not just someone’s Facebook, then mayyybe.

  26. There’s no reason to ask what program it is. It’s a scam, a fairly old and well known one, and there’s no real reason to continue interacting with someone who is impersonating a family member or friend of yours.

  27. I’ve also seen a version of this where they will claim to be in an online contest and ask you to vote for them to win using a special link. It’s the same scam, just using a different excuse.

  28. I joined Walmart+ as a trial. I ordered groceries and got a delivery date. They never showed up. Three days later I canceled and got a refund on the food. Right out of the box it was a fail.

  29. Did they have any good tv shows or movies at least?

  30. Pleading down from a potential 15 year sentence to 5 months is just absurd, especially given that he's not cooperating. This man ran a tax fraud scheme worth millions of dollars for over a decade and he may be getting less time than some random dude with a dime bag.

  31. White collar criminals usually get treated more leniently than other criminals, don’t they?

  32. I feel like Bilal sometimes gets confused about which of the Sha-ladies is his current wife.

  33. For what it’s worth, the version that aired on TV on Sunday only had them on for like 3 minutes total across the two hours. They really did not interject very often and it wasn’t too similar to Pillow Talk.

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