Electric Vehicles are measurably reducing global oil demand; by 1.5 million barrels a dayLEVA-EU

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  1. Does the company who did the soil test Not also offer customised soil amendment and fertiliser programmes, tailored to your specific soil and turf? Can they recommend a turf / sports turf agronomist who could do that? Without it, the test seems like a pointless exercise.

  2. There is more to the test. They do have a section that will recommend fertilizer dosing if needed and ph/nutrient adjustment if needed. Of my results said I’m good for 4-6 months but overall consensus is to do another test from another vendor and see how that one looks. I think I’ll wait a few weeks and then do another test and report it back so I can get PP whacked again by all the pros in here haha

  3. I primarily use the Kellogg’s topper here in SoCal. Don’t have marathon but a science experiment of perennial rye, fescues, kgb and Bermuda. Never have had any issues with it. Just over seeded a few weeks ago with mostly rye and fescue and seed started popping in 4 days.

  4. Dichondra repens - much better than lawn imo ;)

  5. Thank you! It is nice but unfortunately I need to get rid of it! Maybe I will plant it in another part of my yard.

  6. Put about 90 psi in that sucker and riiiiide out

  7. I like the fuel injectors attached to your airline. That's a fuel pressure test port.

  8. make sure you seed! you've scalped the lawn pretty good in various spots, so you won't get growth without reseeding. That said, hopefully the weather is warm enough where you are to support grass growth. In my area, it's getting cold enough that grass growth is coming to a standstill.

  9. Ya I’m in SoCal so I’ll be fine. I seeded after this with rye and fescue

  10. Well now we know you aren’t a hard core manual reader. pushes glasses to top of nose The manual clearly states to use the highest setting to begin with.

  11. Who reads the manual? Only had to take it apart 3 times to get the god damn cord holder on….

  12. Pretty sure the top right is a plug to add a trailer brake controller. It’s a factory harness there so you can easily add an aftermarket trailer brake controller.

  13. Interesting. I have the tow package which comes with a brake controller so the plug would only be for aftermarket if I wanted to switch?

  14. Sign him and have him be our regular DH with a few field games sprinkled here and there. Mitch is the man. His bat alone is worth the money. We all know we need as many bats as we can get.

  15. How about the dude in the back just yelling haha

  16. Good luck. Fishing’s been good but mosquitoes have been very very very bad. Where some armor!

  17. Hey my guy! Did you ever figure out what the issue was? I'm going through the same thing right now 😪

  18. Yup I believe it was one of the solenoids that was going out. Dealership ended up putting in a. New transmission. Had the car about 7 months after and started acting up. Ended up selling and getting a VW atlas.

  19. That basically was a fucking penalty kill for us

  20. Go right ahead. My brother and I have used it for a few years!

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