1. 🤣🤣 I want to see their reply email when you tell them, that did not answer your question, Deez! Let's see where this goes... 🤣🤣

  2. I wasn't going to go down that rabbit hole but, now that you mention it and if ur invested so am I

  3. 🤣 Would love to see how they respond. How else are YOU supposed to respond to that BS?!! Won't be worth it, I'm sure.

  4. Picked up two tenths of this on my last order. Gave it a 7.7 out of 10. Very solid. Good cake strain. Taste and smell are a tad muted, though.

  5. I agree, entirely. Not as pungent as I would have hoped, but this one hits nicely.

  6. Woodward has some concentrate out now called Yuppie Slayer, which is Dirty Hippy × RKS. Not in flower form, and not straight RKS, but thought you might want to know,

  7. I will add that Butterfly Effect's Notorious is GMO × (GMO × TK Skunk), and is one of the gassiest, skunkiest strains I've tried. You may like it, too. So far I've only had the pod and concentrate, not the flower yet.

  8. Which disposed in central Ohio? I'm seriously on the hunt. LOL well found very interesting to me! I'm 25 minutes from Dayton and 35 minutes from Columbus I just looked through 11 different dispensaries menus and I cannot find it!

  9. No, I don't. Most of the information I've shared comes from their website, and personal experience. The fact that 'the information on the BOOST will be on their website soon', comes from customer support. I am just very interested in, and impressed with this company.

  10. Ok, well I wish I could report that I had as good an experience with these as you did, but unfortunately, this was another dud in the edible/oral consumption experiments I've been doing.

  11. I am sorry to hear that. Tbh, I haven't tried just the BOOST on its own. The added herbal ingredients really help add to the effects of the other pills. They're marketed as functional medicine, so not something that will get you super "high". I figure if, like you and I, edibles don't always work, the BOOST on their own have a 50/50 chance of working. Sorry your experience wasn't good. I was just impressed with the vision and execution of the company. There are no other thc medications that add herbal ingredients for added benefit, and I just think it's brilliant. Again, sorry you didn't enjoy.

  12. That doesn't help! Lol. What is MPR1? It is also in their Rainbow Cookies (Zkittlez × MPR1), and I have been wondering what it is!

  13. Please note that when you use this product as a sublingual, it is NOT an edible. Onset of effects is far quicker as the nano-formulated THC enters the bloodstream directly through the oromucosal membranes in your mouth. Edibles have a completely different method of action, in which the cannabinoids bind to the fat in your liver and are then converted from d9THC into 11-hydroxy THC, which is why the effects take so long to be felt, and last longer, as well as why the overall effects of edibles are far different. A sublingual spray is going to be more similar in effects and onset to vaporization, with a comparatively shorter duration as well. The mg dosage of edibles compared with direct absorption is kinda hard to convert directly, but with the precision metered spray once you have your ideal dose dialed in then replicating it is extremely simple. This is pretty much the idea behind the product. No more guessing or sitting there asking yourself "now how hard did I squeeze the bulb on that tincture? Did I get .8mL or 1.4mL? Those are very different afternoons..."

  14. That’s how I feel about all of BR. Feel like their flavors are hit or miss but the effects are always really good

  15. Preciate you brotha. Turned 21 but I don’t drink so me and the homies all smoked, it was street weed and I hated it lmao

  16. Lmao. Sorry about it. I'll smoke one with you, and "to you!" Cheers!

  17. There isn't much I can't say that most don't already know about GMO. If you like it then you know it's fire and done well it is very hard hitting. I've never tried Ohio clean leaf before mainly cuz I've seen a lot of post saying how dry it is and no smell. Well idk if they changed it up but the tenth I got was moist and had nice fat nuggs it also had an integra pack dry it was anything but. Trimmed very nice and will say much nicer than RC, whom there GMO is nice this is just as good tbh if you I was told this was RC I'd never think twice it's comparable hell I'm liking this more just cuz of how nice the nugs we're. If your thinking of trying def try atleast I'm gonna give 4/5 only cuz not trying to hype it up.

  18. Need to grab this one, for sure. OCL has some nice strains and buds.

  19. Can you please elaborate on “specific type of high” thanks in advance!

  20. I did read that and one more question, you take 300mg at once? 😳

  21. Ha! No. They are a three day product, each approx 30mg thc. I take one or two with a 5mg tab, like CHILL, or GO.

  22. Ooh, I would go for the Problem Child/Disco Lemonade flan! I honestly don't think you'll be disappointed with anything by Lighthouse, but yes, try the flan!

  23. Lol it isn't on sale so I kinda wanna wait til Thursday but I've been waiting so long for them to come down here 😩

  24. I know what you mean. I wish I could just go to a dispensary and get whatever product I want. I get it's not going to happen, but waiting on drops sucks. Let us know what you think!

  25. I normally do sativa but got galenas astral destiny and it’s the first shit I’ve used in a while that made my eyes look like cherries

  26. I'll second this. Great strain, very unique taste!

  27. Galenas Dual OG, Gorilla Nut, and Astral Destiny; Farkas Farms Lemon Sunset OG, and Wonka Bars; Klutch ICC; Riviera Creek Lost River, and Woodward Sunset Sherb are all nice heavy hitters, imo.

  28. Chocolope is one of the best strains in the program for sativa effects, imo, and it tastes like no other strain. Lost River is a nice indica, and Pink Elephant is a very tasty, well balanced hybrid. I agree with

  29. I haven't tried the Chocolope yet but I will next time I see it. I have also never bought trim, from them or any other company. I think that buying trim is a waste of money, it's all the waste from prepping the flower and they still charge a lot of money for it.

  30. I agree, and I havent purchased trim, shake, etc. Sorry, I meant their trim job. I realize being fairly leafy, especially on smaller buds, isn't attractive to some, but as I said, the effects are still there. Try the Chocolope, for sure.

  31. As far as anything under, say 25%, Certified Gazzungas hits very nicely for "lower" thc % (my current one is 22-23%). Grow Ohio Super Lemon Haze, Woodward Ultra Freshies, Ohio Clean Leaf Watermelon Cake, Klutch Jealousy and Pineapple Pez. I could recommend other, or better strains, but as far as stuff that generally tests below 25%, these are some good ones.

  32. I just tried Early lemon berry from this brand, very couch want to read daydream feel. Tasted floral…. What does this strain feel and taste like ?

  33. Not sure. On the Instagram post, it says coming soon, but I guess it's been available here and there. The only place I see it right now, is in Cinci, and that's too much of a drive for me. Patiently waiting to see it around me. With that lineage, it can't be bad! Post says lemons and gas.

  34. Right.. If you don't like a strain or brand then it's whatever, no reason to come bash other people for liking something you didn't. Like, I like some of the strains from Klutch but I don't come on reddit and try telling people it's the only kind they should buy because their opinion on Riviera is trash and they shouldn't like it. Not everyone is going to like the same things, what's good to me might be garbage to you or vice versa.. People need to get off of the judgemental bullshit.

  35. Is this actually written out somewhere on a state site, or is it just "we'll tell you if you're over" kinda management

  36. Although you're expected to keep track yourself with the help of the

  37. Are you then, able to explain why FiSci's rosin terp specs are barely higher then the flower it was produced from ?

  38. Curious where you are able to find their "terp specs"?

  39. The FiSci conundrum.They recently started printing coresponding profiles on their packaging --- never say never --- but that's irrelevant when the product in question is sitting in a vault somewhere. One can find them by .....

  40. Thanks for the excessive answer, but one would have sufficed. I wasn't being smart. I just didn't think they were printed on the box. Tbh, though, it sounds like you wouldn't have been happy with his answer, even if he would have provided you with receipts. Someone actually makes a post with terp numbers and receipts, and you then, still, call bullshit. You are never happy. I honestly don't understand how you can say 'prove it with lab tests' in one breath, then say "Google, um, say, the accuracy of lab testing in the cannabis industry, and get back to me." in the next breath. Decide if you want at least some validity from lab tests, or if you want to call bullshit on them all, and make up your own specs. But, yeah, take an upvote from me, seems like you need them.

  41. They do such a nice all around job with Cake Crasher. There may be heavier hitters, but it is one of the all around best done strains in Ohio, imo.

  42. I like their G Soap, Dirty Little Secret, and the Gazzungas hits really nicely with lower thc than the others. Also if you see Designer Runtz, I suggest trying it. It's a really great tasting indica leaning hybrid, but I haven't seen it available in awhile. Never seen Cherry Mints either, but the pod was amazing.

  43. As far as "oils for vaporization ", it is 590 mg thc cap per day, with less being allowed, not 840. There is a variance allowed, but you won't generally see the mg be much higher than 600 for a day.

  44. I think he meant total oil weight of the cart being 840mg because with 590mg of THC in 840mg total weight is equal to the 70% potency cap on the carts so that they don't go over the 590mg THC daily limit for concentrates/vape oil. So really they can do 1gram carts as long as they only put 590mg of THC in it but that will decrease the overall potency to 59% instead of 70%. That's the reason they always fill the carts to only .84 grams.

  45. I understand that, I just didn't want there to be any confusion. He said explain it like he's 5, and not only is it easier to understand as far as milligrams, but that's how the OMMCP writes it up in their whole day unit policy. If you looka at mg, there's no mistakes.

  46. It is located in between the words “big smooth” and “14.15”

  47. TY, I had to blow it up twice! Maybe time for some readers!

  48. Yeah the actual label on the package that came from them clearly says RC on it though for “Rough Cut”. Throwing the dispensary under the bus here lol.

  49. Can you point out where you see the RC? Pic is a bit blurry, and so are my eyes!

  50. The Uni Box Mod that you have only goes from 9-11.5 mm wide carts. The Uni "Pro" box mod goes up to 14 mm.

  51. If you are a heavy "smoker", please don't use disposables as your main delivery system. Do you Iike more cerebral effects, or couch lock?

  52. Tally Mon is my favorite strain from them. That Sour Papaya cart tasted like a crappy 510.

  53. I like Tally Mon too, but Tropicana Banana is probably my favorite. Tbh, I haven't had a FS pod for a minute, but I hear a lot on this subreddit that all of their strains taste the same in pod/cart form. While I wouldn't agree based off of my own experiences, maybe something has changed. Also, I thought maybe it was the sour Papaya strain's taste you didn't like, that's why I said you may not like the TM, either. Pulling the trigger?

  54. Ive always been interested in RSO but wasnt sure of the effects and benefits in comparison to flower or other concentrates. Anyone care to explain it like im 5?

  55. People generally don't vape RSO, they eat it. As an edible, it is the strongest, cheapest version of medication we have right now. Since it is sold "for vaporization", the syringes contain about 590mg of thc, for one of your days. Edibles are capped at 110mg per day. It will not only last you longer, but it hits better, imo, too.

  56. I tried the Avexia G Purps one time, and it was the best RSO I have had. (No, I haven't tried everything out there). I'm not always affected by edibles, but this hit me so well. Relief was more opioid like. Can't say for sure about the Mimosa, but I would def try, if it were me!

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