1. I find that very difficult to believe, for multiple reasons. First, the amounts showing up are far too high in many cases to believably be naturally occurring. 100+mg of CBD in a puck of terp creme I got from them, for example.

  2. My information comes straight from the lab director, and the "quote" about frozen plants is DIRECTLY from him. I'm sure he is straight up. If you don't know what processing techniques they employ, maybe just don't give out false information about it. You're entitled to your opinion about their final product, of course, but maybe leave it at that.

  3. Honestly, the fact that the lab director is on here interacting with patients directly like that is a red flag and tells me they're not to be trusted. That's illegal in our program.

  4. I never said he posted anything. I've messaged him with questions. EDIT* I see he answered himself.

  5. I understand that now, but thanks for the repeat. I literally misread it the first time as "Grow Ohio: more Sunshine Kush, that was tasty as hell," not catching the second "grow." I thought OP was saying more SK was out and that he got some, and it was tasty. It's kind of odd to me that you'd comment just to say this after I already said I misread it. I didn't just delete the comment out of embarrassment, like a lot of people do. I literally owned up to the fact that I misread it and moved on. Just shittin on people, are ya?

  6. I got u it’s not being a ass it pointing out the obvious

  7. Right. Pointing it out for what reason? It was already pointed out to me (in a much nicer way) by another user. Repeating it was unnecessary, which makes it seem like it IS you kinda being an ass... but I guess thanks for pointing it out for the second time?

  8. If you haven't tried the Runtz yet, I'd say ICC. I'd suggest trying a tenth of the Runtz before making the purchase on a half.

  9. I dont know when they began operation, but saw this post from about a year ago.

  10. Artifact IS galenas. It's their "select cut" of primarily the top colas of the plant. That being said depending on strains both are top tier.

  11. Agreed. Can't vote with two of the choices being the same. Results will be skewed.

  12. Review : picked this up today at Harvest for $22.50 ..nice big ol buds ..super soft ..smells and tastes like a lime seltzer to me ..really nice relaxed effects,I had a slight headache prior to use ..I packed a new fresh piece ..this is my first time trying Curaleaf ..for $22.50 , I'll definitely get again ..I feel great ..I even went back and got another 2.8

  13. I've been eyeballing this strain and wondered what it was like. Thanks for the review!

  14. Agree on the Burger. Stank. GMO on steroids. Wish I could have tried the Bickett OG!

  15. What I actually liked about Solo Burger is that it doesn't have the extra GMO that Donny Burger does. I liked that it tastes less garlicky. Just the right mix of flavor and effects with that one!

  16. Sounds like a good mix . I'm kinda getting tired of the really strong g garlic smell gmo crosses

  17. It's garlicky, but you can definitely taste the Larry OG coming through, too! Really nice, strong hybrid effects.

  18. I've had it a few times and the phenos are a little different but they're all good. One is a little more lemony and gassy the other is super cheesy and lemony.

  19. Maybe you are noticing different terpenes, but there is only one pheno of Robots, and it's the same as it's always been. Great strain and great taste, though!

  20. Yuzu purple? I keep seeing that at BR with such low THC but something about it keeps making me want to try it

  21. It's not the highest thc, but it is a decent high for the % I got. Although most of my choices are heavy hitters too, not all of them are, imo. This would be one of those strains. But with nice effects, and a great taste, I'd pick up the occasional tenth. It's Lemon Lime × Gelato. Lemon Lime is also in their Lemon Dosidos, so think that same citrus flavor, sweeter, and less kind of caryophyllene, piney taste from the dosidos.

  22. I really like this strain! It tastes very earthy (kind of like dirt, in the best way) or cheesy, and woody with a hint of bright citrus. The effects are almost solely cerebral. I feel as though it's more of a creative high than a "get up and clean the house" kind of high. Like it would be good for working or researching, playing or writing music, or anything creative that takes focus. Any computer or electrical engineers out there? This would be excellent for you! Didn't mean to piggyback on your post with a review, but this strain is different than most! What did you think, OP?

  23. Just finished vaping it. It has a creamy inhale, which is probably where you got that cheese from, then 2nd you exhale it gets super spicy and and then turns into citrus like some asshole seasoned your Orange with pepper.

  24. Glad to see you agree on the effects. I saw another post once from another sub where most of the comments said they got more couch lock than "sativa" effects. I wholeheartedly disagree. Lol

  25. A lot of good recommendations here. Two I would adapt would be a home air purifier if you can afford it, and some good old incense. If you can't afford a home or room purifier, I'd grab a

  26. Fwiw for the first time today I saw $36 1g fisci carts at a dispo. Regular price.

  27. That's pretty good! For sure cheaper than any other 1g carts!

  28. They’re typically around $60! They actually had other 1g fisci carts for that the budtender wasn’t really sure why they were less. I’m assuming it’s the first batch of the lower prices?? Packaged in 2023 so doesn’t seem old.

  29. That's what I would think also, but I guess we shall see. They should have a new rosin drop soon, so I'd like to see what those prices are like!

  30. I haven't tried a disposable, but I did purchase a .84 cart. They are distillate with botanical terpenes. The Purple Urkle actually tastes great - it tastes like grape Kool-aid to me, and the taste lingers on the tongue. Down side is, it's distillate, so it's a very generic high. I tend to use it after hitting a CO2 or live resin cart, if I want the extra thc. If you enjoy distillate, I'm almost positive you'll enjoy the taste.

  31. I'm kinda naive, what does a caregiver do? Supply a person with flower, but why? Is it like for elderly or people who don't know what to do? How much does it cost to buy a caregiver? Is the caregiver role to supply proper strains and stuff for certain conditions like Insomnia or no appetite? You just call your caregiver and order some bud, shatter etc?

  32. Caregivers in Michigan can grow for the patients they are caregivers for. They can be a caregiver for up to five patients and grow up to 12 plants per patient. It's totally different in Ohio, as there is no "home grow" allowed. Caregivers here are more of a dispensary pickup person when needed. I sometimes have severe back pain, and on the days I need it, my caregiver goes to the dispensary for me. He has a caregiver card similar to ours that allows him to purchase for me.

  33. Galenas Artifact Cake Crasher. Best nug structure, density, and the only truly "sticky" strain I've come across. That one just impresses me all around.

  34. I saw a post about this earlier and after a little researching, found out this plants genetics. Holy cow. G13 x White Widow. I'm a sucker for those older genetics and seeing how they are almost non existent in Ohio Med, I immediately found where I could pick this one up. Luckily, Amplify had it and I was able to use my 20% to snag this jar for $73 otd.

  35. I didnt realize they were heading out this way!!!! I adore these two, but I can not handle crowds or large venues. I hope you can get the link!!!!

  36. Thank you! I had quite a few replies, and I believe I have scored a couple of tickets! Just waiting on a friend to make sure he won't be out of town for work that day. I only got into them about 7 or 8 months ago, but I absolutely love them! Unfortunate you can't go. Cheers! (With Coffee and a Joint, of course)

  37. It has one of the most interesting flavor profiles! It kind of tastes really sweet, almost cotton candy-esque, yet at the same time, it has a savory funk, like garlicky beef? (That's the closest I can come to describing it.) Pure sweetness and funk. Effects are en masse cerebral and bodily. I'll def buy again when I can, even if for the taste alone.

  38. Ascension Sugar Shop. Interesting, sweet taste, really nice hybrid effects, leaning slightly more towards the cerebral end.

  39. I love this strain as well, very uplifting and puts me in a 'get it done' mood.

  40. Totally agree. I think I've decided that I like the pods better than the bud. I'm a flower person, so that doesn't always happen, but the pods are great, and the live resin even better!

  41. Grow Ohio Super Lemon Haze is a nice do it all strain.

  42. Nice little haul from Amplify today. 30% off for buying 3 items plus my 20% for Indigent plus $24 off because they didn't give me my full discount last weekend when I went in.

  43. It's impressive that they still gave you the discount you would've gotten! I don't know of a dispensary that does that. Wish I were closer to save a bit sometimes! Not many places stack discounts, either.

  44. They’re customer service is really top notch… they called me once about an error they made after the fact which I didn’t even notice and corrected it for me

  45. This looks super nice and sounds interesting if I'm looking at the right genetics. How does it taste, and how are the effects, OP?

  46. Effects are heavy as a hybrid, very heady at first and it melts into full body relaxation. Nerve and muscle pain are no match for this Valkyrie. Taste is dank af it tastes a little bit like every weed I’ve had mixed up.

  47. I love that you went back today and bought every strain you didn’t get yesterday. Unbelievable commitment bud. I went with this and the GP, pretty pleased with both. The Tahoe Cream you posted looks like it was fed the least amount of PGR’s, that’ll be on my list next.

  48. I agree. The Tahoe Cream looks like the least PGR's and the most impressive.

  49. Nice deal! The OKC is one of my favorite strains of theirs.

  50. And there’s no footage of the three objects we shot down? Got it.

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