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  1. My running backs are dameon Pierce, kw3, rachaad white, perine, and Pacheco. Pick 3

  2. I did flashback Messi and threw lewandowski in. It’s a weird but really fun team

  3. Idk man. I just got back on the game today and it feel completely different than it did 2 weeks ago. I will say he’s rapid! I threw artist on him to improve shooting and passing. He’s very good. All I can say

  4. It’s tech. That’s always the thing with any tech in games though. Where do you draw the SOLID line between tech and a straight up exploit.

  5. Never said you did it wasn’t. Nor am i against anything you said. Can YOU read? Weirdoes

  6. Brother, your comment just had literally nothing to do with what I said. It was completely off topic and multiple people agreed. No reason to take everything so personally. It’s an online forum

  7. If he misses this week I think I'm smashing White in my lineup over Pierce or Kirk

  8. Starting white over swift in one league with absolute confidence. If u told me week 1 that I’d be starting white over a relatively healthy swift, I’d have said you’re stupid. Yet this is why I always stash rookie rb’s. I drafted dameon Pierce, kw3, rachaad and kyren in one league.

  9. i have 50 of this mf on the transferlist bouth them for 13k and now i must wait for germanys second game to sell him

  10. That whole draft class sucks. Trevor isn’t the generational talent scouts hyped him up to be. Wilson we now know sucks. Davis mills will be a career backup. Trey lance didn’t look good at all. Justin fields looks ok now that he’s running but how sustainable is that long term? He’s already hurt himself. Mac Jones is really hard to tell but the patriots fan base is calling for zappe.

  11. I hate getting stuck on teams like that, where nobody is playing the objectives and treating it like it's one big team deathmatch. 🙄

  12. Nice job. I only have lmg, marksman and sniper left to gold and plat. Hope ill get it done next week so i can finally play the game.

  13. He does… many times. Sometimes it’s just a general question about United and he always focuses on Ronaldo. He’s still angry Ron called for that red card and he’s jealous he’s out of shape while he’s still playing

  14. Rooney in multiple interviews has said that he would have done the same thing ronaldo did and so he has no hard feelings about the red card. U gonna shut up or keep spewing lies?

  15. Doesn’t mean he’s not still salty about it. But Rooney has been doubting Ronaldo before he even played his first game back for United last season

  16. But you have no evidence that he is salty. I’ve provided evidence and you haven’t. You probably think the world is round too

  17. That's a bit low, I wouldn't compare him to actual journalists

  18. We lose that Fa Cup final to Crystal Palace if Rooney doesn't pick his head up and decide to take matters into his own hands..that Mata equaliser was created all by him out of absolutely nothing.

  19. I post that goal every so often just so people don’t forget that run. In extra time. Everybody was exhausted and there was no breakthrough. Our captain took matters into his own hands and found the breakthrough with his run and pass. Then he played the rest of extra time too. I love Ronaldo, but he will never understand what made Rooney so special, his sacrifice. Ronaldo sacrifices for himself (food, soft drinks, etc.) Rooney made sacrifices for other people in game. Big dofference

  20. 160 and a TD. Probably shouldn't have traded him

  21. Mixon scored 55 the week before. I think I’m gonna be just fine than JT against the worst defense in the NFL.

  22. Hey guys, don’t mind the flair lol. Haven’t been active here in years.

  23. YouTube tv is the best way to watch United. I have peacock through my internet provider so when the game isn’t on YouTube tv, it’s usually in peacock (premier league that is)

  24. White is unable to break any tackle. If you so much as touch him, he falls down

  25. And every post about “best handcuff to own???” has White as a top of comment

  26. Because he really is imo. Maybe mattison is better but who else has that promised touch share in a potentially really good offense? Only other would be aj dillon but he looks bad. I say that as a dillon and white and mattison owner

  27. Don't worry, last year I saved up 300 packs. I got Toty Cancelo as my best. Rest were high rated keepers

  28. I LOVED 9-6 on vanguard. Felt insane. I’m sticking with 6-6 rn but have also felt good at 5-6. I’m really just weapon grinding rn so I don’t have my favorite classes honed in.

  29. take it easy my dude. if you go negative, fuck it, who cares. the next game SBMM will reward you with 1-arm Billy's.

  30. Exactly the approach I’ve taken. The game requires little skill and dumb stuff kills you all the time. Just rank up your guns, get your camos, and have fun. This game will actually have a ranked game mode so that’s where I’ll sweat. No reason to sweat in multi player lobbies.

  31. idk if its all divisions but definitely the higher ones you get dropped 2 divisions after a season ends

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