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  1. Yes I’m in US. New Jersey. Both Atlas boards took roughly 10 days from the time I ordered until they arrived. Awesome. But I ordered the Atlas Pro weeks ago and it still hasn’t shipped.

  2. Thank you! I want the atlas pro but with the sale going on and the minor changes made it wasn’t worth the 1000+ price difference for me lol

  3. Just shop sales! Period! Never shop without sales in ohio! I recently bought a couple firelands scientific half ounces for 75$ after taxes. Firelands cheaper option “rough cut” is really good too.

  4. Pure Ohio wellness used to be a good option but now they are getting greedy and way overpriced for the quality of their product. Especially when there are higher end cultivators charging the same amount for a lot of their tenths!

  5. Same exact thing happen to me last Friday and I’m still yet to hear back from them… good luck…

  6. NO NO NO! I bought some pow smalls OG kush and it was so bad I threw it out! Absolutely no smell and super larfy and stemy! Never again… 😑😑😑

  7. Premium is usually the bigger buds and if you have the extra money I’d say it’s worth it

  8. Those terps are actually on the lower side-standard for a live product, after you do the math it's only about 8.5% for the top tested terp

  9. No it’s definitely not. do the math a couple more times and maybe you’ll see… 😂

  10. Wait you would put a little more abv? I was planning on eating it all in a sitting I hope it’s strong enough

  11. I have a high tolerance and I usually eat between 7-10 grams in one sitting for a good buzz 🐝

  12. You can open them the best you can and run them through some everclear/iso and then let the everclear/iso evaporate off and your left with everything that was in the pods. If you wanted it to evaporate faster you can put it on the stove on low on a double boil for about an hour and it will All evaporate faster that way!

  13. I save mine and run them through ever-clear, then I just let the ever-clear evaporate and your left with a pile of whatever was in the carts!

  14. No way! Not at 150/160 a half! just shop deals and you can get better quality and price…

  15. They’re good but I also still prefer klutch! I have the garlic storm pod and it burned super easy

  16. They are probably different phenos. One leans more animal mintz and one leans more kush face!

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