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  1. Medical school is fun but don’t drink too much of the kool aid there. The highlights for me are learning from 3rd party resources and my classmates.

  2. I hardcore emphasis lifestyle and work-life balance. I usually am nver studying past 5.

  3. PCs are well worth the investment. If you buy good parts you dont have to replace parts for a long time usually. You should look at pc building websites to see what fits your budget. I built mines 2 years ago and it has kept me entertained during these trying times.

  4. I really love the responses so far, to give more context into my situation, this is slightly hypothetical.

  5. IMO you should just take the money. Most medical students learn off of the same materials. So unless you are looking for a school with established connections to something competitive, you should just take the Kaiser A. Even then I would argue you can make those connections to competitive specialties through networking and away rotations and Kaiser tries to set people up to get exposure to any specialty in their system. That being said, you should absolutely leverage this offer to get better aid from other schools.

  6. after the block is over, i delete the in-house deck and just use anking

  7. You should never feel like this. Taking more time to work on yourself is never the wrong choice. Feel great, enjoy yourself before you go in.

  8. i use an anki deck to practice some vocab, but otherwise i just practice w a classmate that is willing enough

  9. UCI gives out Butterfly ultrasounds and ipads. IMO best option

  10. I feel like SluGs performances this year are too good for him not to be top 10. He has good wins against the definitive top 7-8 and strong placing at some of the most stacked tournaments. Maybe you could say his attendance light earlier in the year or he was not placing as well then, but the way he ended this year is super strong.

  11. this is so sick as an enjoyer of both games

  12. I am currently in an LDR, but I keep my partner in the loop, especially with timezone differences. I try to spend time with my partner a couple times a week, but she is aware of the times I need space to prepare for exams. That being said, I also keep my studying confined to work hours to have a life. I use that life to be with my partner when I can.

  13. sick! The only yakuman I have been able to get is a big three dragons

  14. I watch bnb to better understand lecture lol

  15. just use a refrence sheet for mahjong. Like its almost like poker

  16. the elder lemurians I believe built the temple of elders in the original risk of rain, so I think their intelligence was already proven in that way

  17. My first memmory was enjoying a japanese mario kart 64 with all my siblings.

  18. tbh i dont think learning mahjong is that hard. Just utilize a list like this to keep track of valid hands to go for

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