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  1. Plum japonais, tobacco vanille, noir extrême (LOVE but it doesn’t perform well on me)

  2. I reached 36 inch vert last week which was my goal for a long time. So now I can spike :)

  3. Nice! 36 is a great vert! I’m pushing for 35 and up so I need to keep playing often. Currently at 32” vert at 6’4” 220lbs

  4. i actually disagree, some perfumes that i like on other and that i wish i liked on me just smell awful when i spray them on my skin and i've heard other (real life) people say the same thing

  5. You’re right, frags can smell completely different on different people

  6. I personally don’t love leather notes - I have a decant of TF Tuscan leather and it gives me a headache and I feel it’s too situational. To me the smell of leather is out of place if you’re not dressing accordingly. I hesitate to comment on ombré leather because on me it actually just smells like axe body spray for whatever reason.

  7. I’ve stared at textured ceilings so much on shrooms that every textured ceiling waves and bobs when I’m sober

  8. Black Orchird by Tom Ford is mind boggling. How it smells so good on others and on me it’s gross.

  9. What’s tough about this one is that on me it apparently smells amazing to others - sweet and boozy and it’s a performance beast BUT I don’t love smelling it on myself

  10. Are you saying nice shot because it was a nice shot? Or because you want your teammate to say “Thanks!” to you?

  11. But you weren’t actually eight songs in if you skipped them after listening to maybe a minute lol

  12. I wouldn’t listen to a song that is only enjoyable for me in the last 30 seconds

  13. I know someone with a mountain + bear tattoo on their forearm as their second tattoo - to fill out a sleeve they eventually had a geometric pattern added to connect pieces. You can easily find pre-drawn art of your idea but give it some thought if you want something a bit more personalized.

  14. Thats not even an issue xD it is how it ment to be. The ball is too fast you get kicked because he grappler just pulls you in a certain speed to the ball.

  15. In no scenario does the ball move fast enough to launch your car back like this, it only happens when the grappling hook glitches

  16. Thats not a glitch xD it works like this. Like the haymaker just slows the ball when ut us to fast. So if you just jump and the ball hits your car even when its slower your car doesnt move backwords? So you wanna say that it doesnt matter which speed the ball has you can save it with the grappler when it isnt bugging? :D I want to see that :) so it 10 times when the ball is as fast as this and then tell me how often the grappler glitches. Because glitches doesnt happen 100% of the time ;)

  17. I don’t really understand your comment sorry - but I’m saying in the game in general (non-rumble) the ball never pushes your car this hard regardless of ball speed. Your car being launched excessively in response to the ball speed is a glitch. This happens with the grappling hook like in the video above.

  18. As a low gold player I agree. I love when I stay back in formation to let the guy who will clear the ball first, only to be slammed by the guy who was placed in the goal because he wanted to clear the ball somehow, and then we lose the clear and they get a free goal.

  19. Sometimes I throw up a ff vote to reaffirm my teams desire to win - if we ff, oh well. If we DONT ff, my tm8 has decided they really do want to try and win and it’s game on for both of us. Typically after a ff vote goes up, someone scores :)

  20. I believe everyone being pulled into the lobby has to share the same preference for a specific map for that map to be affected by this. So everyone has to hate comic filter neo Tokyo together for it to either not be chosen at all or have a lowered chance of being chosen. I feel like I read that somewhere in the past but idk for sure.

  21. It’s like you all want the COVID lifestyle to stick around forever

  22. When I close my eyes I see massive amorphous twisting geometric shapes. I mean, it's dark, but I also see bursts of color and fractals.

  23. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I was starting to think it was a sign of psychosis or something.

  24. I also have pretty sensitive eyes - and I have also done a decent amount of psychadelics in my life

  25. I spent most of my degree using reading week as a break when I could and I’m glad I did or I would’ve offed myself

  26. Time to find a new job with a different company. You’ve effectively had a pay reduction.

  27. Came back to ask…. I don’t know you or what you know but realistically is this better anywhere? I feel like if it’s not good in this company… where would it be

  28. You have higher chances of seeing a pay increase by moving companies instead of waiting for bogus year-end deductions like you saw. What you should do is start interviewing elsewhere and see if you are able to secure an increase in income (before quitting your current job).

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