German Commentator Claudia Neumann live in the Stadium right now.

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  1. Based on the story presented to you in Dark Tide and not relying on your own 40K knowledge. Pretend you're new, answer me this?

  2. Yeah, Vermintide had a grimoire with a bunch of lore that you would unlock through pickups. Pretty lazy of them not to include something like that here.

  3. I thought that was the incentive to collect Grimoires, scriptures and such. Being Drip fed lore about tertium's downfall but nope.

  4. You'd think, but apparently those are there just to give you 85 coins after the match 🙄

  5. What flavour? the sauce in the packet stinks like really really really strong coffee and you cannot taste any flavour really when it's added to the noodles. I ended up sticking a load of lime juice and then lemon to tame the heat. Still a no. Also, the noodles are too thick, the shin red noodles are the right thickness.

  6. Sapporo ichiban has a decent amount of noodles.

  7. Yeah, the Sapporo ichiban shio is what I end up making the most of. Really solid product given the price. Love the MAMA tom yum as well, but have to make sure it isn't the small 2oz packs if buying online.

  8. Yep. The thought behind it is that the plant is spending energy on that branch and it's never really going to yield. Better off trimming it so the plant can use it's energy elsewhere, not too dissimilar from removing 'suckers' from tomato plants.

  9. I’m halfway through flower I don’t want to risk Herm

  10. I get you. That one branch won't induce that much stress. Keep it, cut it, doesn't really matter. I usually keep one or two branches like that in case I decide I want to reveg it.

  11. Police have already used robots to kill, notably Micah Johnson.

  12. What is the little wizard with the moon hat? haha

  13. Glad to see kari lake supporters taking the loss well.

  14. Think I'd rather have a government taking precautions, rather than letting 1+ million die of something preventable. Shrug

  15. Isn’t shin black beef based?

  16. Until I visited the States and actually saw a real life Hooters I assumed it was a fake restaurant made-up for an Austin Powers cutaway gag

  17. I was really surprised to see one in Budapest circa 2012.

  18. MAMA's Creamy Tom Yum is very good. Its a favorite of mine.

  19. Thank you so much for your time and for being so nice! 🙇 I will try it one day if I'll see one of them! Here, have a pineapple 🍍:)

  20. You're welcome. Hope you can find them in your area!

  21. 100%. Totally organic ‘hacktivist’ group that just happens to only support the interest of the US State Department

  22. "Justified" is a funny thing, especially when the investigation is being done by a group of co-workers.

  23. Sure, of course. I'm just saying that even the 'justified' ones are cause for concern. It's not like these institutions are trustworthy.

  24. They're still using prop planes too?

  25. 4 or more people, not including the shooter, shot in a location.

  26. (I'm not defending the US we clearly have a violence problem and a good portion of it is due the rhetoric coming from a specific political party)

  27. Per capita, because of course it is.

  28. Jesus fucking Christ Jon Stewart why dude…

  29. https://thegrayzone.com/2022/08/31/jon-stewart-pentagon-ukrainian-nazi-disney/

  30. The RoboCop TV series is on Tubi, with each episode listed as a separate movie. It's pretty bad, obviously. It had been hard to track down for awhile and many people familiar with RoboCop are unaware it even existed.

  31. Turns out there are two Robocop series on there. One from 94 and a miniseries from 2001. Thanks for the rec as I was unaware of both.

  32. There was a video of police using a taser on a kid riding an ATV, resulting in the kid losing control and dying.

  33. I remember that. Interestingly, the senior office was also an old black man.

  34. It genuinely baffles me that anyone would be comfortable with amazon listening in on your conversations.

  35. And when the west coverts off of oil there will be lots of desperate, starving, extremists with no skills. What could go wrong?

  36. The United States military uses enough oil/gas to ensure we will see catastrophic repercussions from climate change long before we stop using fossil fuels.

  37. Difference is average joe would pay a fine or pick up some trash by a highway for an afternoon. Not go to the damn GULAG.

  38. There a plenty of americans forced into prison labor while being locked up for cannabis.

  39. https://vpdchart.com/#F,60,74.3,76.1,0

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