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  1. Time to watch Beast Wars for the first time.

  2. SD card is very helpful in case of phone failure. Like if you drop it and display is gone or anything and you don't wanna get the costly repair done. You can simply swap the card

  3. That happened to me 3 weeks ago. My pictures and videos were on the sd card. So I let them work on the phone while using my LG V20 as a spare

  4. Which won't make sense to us unlocked phones as they are bootloader locked afaik. Past the March 2021 security patch

  5. Hold on, can't the bootloader be unlocked post March 2021? I've seen the bootloader unlocked on an android 12 exynos s20 fe.

  6. Exynos phone's more than likely have an oem unlock option turned off in the developers menu on settings. US snapdragons do not have this option. So we used a developer bootloader that unfortunately got patched in March 2021

  7. I would love to try it, but I'll lose my bootloader unlock. So I'm staying on Android 10

  8. why buy samsung if you use custom rom?

  9. I would, had I known that custom roms are few and far between.

  10. Careful though, the two corners that you use to prop the laptop open are not reinforced very well.

  11. My corner already broke off. Although it was paint that chipped off.

  12. Booting into an Ubuntu flash drive doesn't do anything other than provide you with a desktop environment in which you can test the hardware. It also allows you to install the whole operating system if that environment is to your satisfaction. However, it doesn't fix anything. It can be used to retrieve data from your storage. delete partitions, or download an ISO among other things. As it is, nothing is fixed.

  13. I removed the 1 windows partition I had on my SSD with the Disks utility. Which had malware on it. Which in turn, didn't allow the computer to boot.

  14. Prancer, with Sam Elliot as the father.

  15. Nice gaming laptop though! What’s the model?

  16. That looks like the Asus ROG strix g15. My brother just bought one.

  17. My favorite Xbox game. Shame it was only a 2 player game.

  18. I'm saving this for future use. I'll go back to this post as the insurance

  19. Could it be the 2022 Asus zephyrus g14 you are thinking about buying?

  20. That's probably good. Armory Crate is a pile of crap. I've seen it (via helping people online) destabilize at least three X570 systems. They were all having intermittent crashes, and in all three cases, removing Crate instantly fixed their computers.

  21. I'm not sure (as of yet) how to disable the dedicated Nvidia GPU if not with armoury crate (for better battery when on the go)

  22. It's just a stand. Never really tried cooling pads.

  23. I was sooo confused! And so angry when I came home today to see Mike Pence over TGD! WHAT THE HECK?!

  24. Close. It's the Samsung Duo. I have the exact same one for my bed.

  25. I have the exact same charger at home! I do have the spigen rugged armor case for my sony wf-1000xm4's. It does have trouble with wireless charging sometimes

  26. There are grey areas for streaming (not naming any). I agree that the exclusivity of shows on their respective platforms is annoying.

  27. I disabled CameraLightSensor with adb and auto brightness still works.

  28. Dang. I'll try that when i get home

  29. I can't even hit 5 hours sot with my s20 fe. Brand new battery 2 weeks ago.

  30. Firstly, find the mediatek wifi drivers on asus' website on a different computer. Put the drivers on a flash drive and install on the g14.

  31. Warranty void since they’ve removed the heatsink and damaged the tamper sticker on one of the screws.

  32. Ironically, when asus swapped the board and battery on my laptop, they ruined the warranty screw.

  33. I used isopropyl alcohol wipes that came with my liquid metal

  34. Another fellow g14 user. Nice! Although I have last years g14

  35. My laptop says my system model's name is the Asus Rog Zephyrus G14 GA401QM

  36. I have the exact same laptop. I got the

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