1. Miller's closing didn't surprise me. That kind of huge chain was the perfect candidate for COVID era closings because they almost never pay decent wages or give good benefits.

  2. I’m only learning it wasn’t some sort of vegetarian place literally now

  3. Same here. Had no idea. Definitely would have tried it if I'd known it was BBQ. What an incredibly stupid, self-defeating name.

  4. Before anyone says that rosin cost same in other states keep in mind they are selling full grams and we are not most of the time so $70 .85g of rosin is actually $82 plus tax per gram.

  5. Anybody who still claims that hasn't been paying attention to other states' markets. Sure, there are still some charging those ridiculously high prices, but they're few and far between now. Rosin has gotten dirt cheap in mature programs like CO and CA over the past couple of years.

  6. Man you have clearly smoked yourself retarded. This post makes absolutely no sense in any way.

  7. When I saw the trailers I knew it was now or never so I bought a knife I had my eye on for months because I'd be outpriced.

  8. Not just recuperated, you'll probably get a lot more back than you paid if/when you ever sell it. I got a knife several years ago that was worth about $300 at the time. If I sold it now I'd get well over $2,000 in return.

  9. Why not sell it then? Is it worth more than $2000 to you?

  10. Kinda? It's hard to really put into words. At this point it's irrevocably tied into hundreds upon hundreds of hours me playing my favorite game ever. It would feel almost wrong to play without it now. Plus the longer I hold it, the higher the value will go.

  11. CS players' perspectives are the only ones that matter, though. They're not trying (and don't need to) bring in a new audience with this. CS is more popular now than ever before.

  12. It's not hyperbole at all. You clearly don't play CS and have no idea what you're talking about. Goodbye.

  13. Anybody trying to charge $500 for a cleaning fee is a scamming piece of shit, period. Especially when they're taking advantage of Airbnb hiding those fees until checkout.

  14. Holy fuck. Of course I knew you were joking. Are they an asshole for not just charging more per night? Maybe, but low rates get clicks.

  15. You clearly have no idea what you're talking about and no business commenting here. Fuck off.

  16. It's not like the game would magically be done 12 months earlier if they skipped the "early access" label. You can always just wait; that's what I do.

  17. That doesn't make it any less disappointing for people who have been waiting years for this to find out they've likely still got years more to wait. And that's IF it ever makes it out of EA. There are far more early access horror stories than successes, and I see no reason to have faith in this tiny first time dev.

  18. The best way to avoid disappointment is to work on calibrating your expectations to more often match reality.

  19. Oh get the fuck outta here with this condescending bullshit. There's absolutely no reason to expect a game to go into early access when it was never even hinted at in more than five years of dev updates.

  20. It doesnt suck im sorry but you obviously have an agenta. If you mean dlss 3 Amd doesnt have a frames generating equivalent yet but not many games support it anyway. As for FSR 2.0 its doing a good enough job and without asking for a arbitery tax for it.

  21. Lmao no, sorry, speaking the truth doesn't mean I have an agenda. I fucking hate Nvidia and desperately wish AMD/Intel were more competitive in the GPU space. But they're just not.

  22. They are more competitive, in 1080p the best value cards for gaming are all Amd. You are speaking the "truth"? Not really since FSR is working and not as bad as you present it.

  23. The fuck are you on about. We're clearly talking about the high end here. Use some basic reading comprehension next time please.

  24. You're setting yourself up for disappointment here. This isn't a ballot measure that we get to decide on. There's virtually zero chance our regressive, Republican-dominated legislature will pass anything to expand marijuana access.

  25. Honestly those just make the bud a little less harsh to smoke/vape. Once bud has dried out, most of the terpenes are lost for good and it's just going to be a shitty, one dimensional high no matter what.

  26. “If the listing doesn’t say live resin then it’s distillate”

  27. Klutch actually is using botanical terps in some pods now. First ones dropped a couple of months ago now. But most of theirs are still full spectrum, and their labeling makes it very clear about which is which.

  28. He's a manipulative little shit, beaming that his wife has a psychotic break. 0 sympathy for the cunt.

  29. I mean, I totally agree that he's a worthless piece of shit. But murder doesn't fit that crime. Would have been more fitting for them to ruin him financially and socially. Leave him destitute and alone for the rest of his days.

  30. Joe Goldberg: literary genius, murderer, body disposer, lady-killer stalker and expert contractor. There are no ends to his talent.

  31. I see they're $35 @ ethos today, I'll throw a few on hold.

  32. I was thinking c02 vs. c02. haven't seen many of the LR pods lately.

  33. Not OP, but I'd put Klutch's c02 just slightly above FiSci's c02. Generally slightly higher terps. But it's a very small gap, and FiSci has some really great strains that are well worth trying. I wouldn't hesitate to pick up their pods if I were you.

  34. Sweet, can't wait for drivers to rage the fuck out for the next few months... The people who speed through DT aren't the ones who will be looking out for a speed limit sign.

  35. Spoiler alert: it won't make a difference. Like you said, the people who speed through downtown aren't the ones who will care what a sign says. This is just going to result in more people stopped at each light. And more people driving even faster to get through them.

  36. I disagree. It lowers the speed limit where serious consequences from speeding kick in and will lower the speed limit of people who always default to 10 or 15 over even in traffic

  37. That might matter if anybody ever got pulled over for anything in the downtown area. At this point you basically have to run into a building to get the police to stop you.

  38. Shes made 2 out of 3 amazing films, what a take lol

  39. Calling Wonder Woman amazing is a massive exaggeration. It was good, not great. The entire final act and Ares fight was WW84 level trash.

  40. I'd be interested to hear if you still feel the same after a rewatch. A lot of people who liked it at first have soured on it in hindsight. Especially now that WW84 continued the massive downturn in quality that began in the latter half of the first movie.

  41. Unironically yes. More supply will help ease pricing pressure across the City.

  42. I'm sorry but that's just utter bullshit. We've been building apartments like these everywhere for years now and housing prices have done nothing but go up and up with no end in sight.

  43. Just because you think it doesn't make it right. Oklahoma is one of the most absurdly red states in the nation. Its politics are in no way comparable to ours.

  44. And Galenas and Woodward are two of the most absurdly priced brands in our program. So it's a choice between one group of greedy assholes or another. Given that I'll stick with the ones who don't want to bleed me dry on every trip to the dispo.

  45. And that's not even unusual for Klutch's live badders now. I've had pucks of O43, Lemon Slushee, Mimosa, and Ice Cream Cake lately with similar terp numbers. Not always myrcene though of course.

  46. I don't see how they can do this if you get pulled over with a product like that in a baggy how do they know you didn't just put the sticker on a random bag yourself and the product in there is even what you actually purchased ? Whatever happened to recommending you keep your jars to put non state products in ? I don't think putting the stuff if a baggy is a good idea at all

  47. You act like these batteries are the only products they place in random ziplocks with only a sticker. I've seen it done with flower

  48. No, you haven't, stop lying. That's straight up illegal and would never be done in any dispo in Ohio.

  49. I already avoid them because of their subpar product quality and boring strain lineup.

  50. Can't say I appreciate the taste at all, but in terms of effects this is by far my favorite sativa in the program. Very clear, energizing high for me.

  51. Have you had Cuban linx from them? Whip it, orange 43, or Schromulan are right up there with this as my top.

  52. Yeah I've tried all of those. Really great strains, I especially love O43. But all a little too high in myrcene to be my go-tos. Black Jack's terpene profile leaves me a lot more focused and productive. It's like the espresso of weed.

  53. I just seen they have a luster pod with these two crossed I was thinking the same thing what the hell would they cross those two strains for total opposite ends of the spectrum

  54. Yeah probably just hoping the hype of those two strains together will get people to buy.

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