‘Top Gun: Maverick’ Catapults Past $1B At Worldwide Box Office

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  1. I’ve seen it 4 times. I watched it three days in a row.

  2. I don't think companies are salivating at Elden Ring.

  3. The point is they should be salivating at Elden Ring. There are only a small handful of games that have managed to be successful with the live service model. Going that route practically guarantees failure and long term damage to their brand.

  4. I knew as soon as I saw that super Jenny being touted as 40%+, it was a crock of shit

  5. Yep that's beyond the biological limit of THC production. These clowns are putting out numbers that are literally impossible.

  6. OK, one small but significant point of contention: “Some of those happen to be in poor areas.” Now, I take your point - they didn’t target those areas because they are poor. However, the fact that the oldest and most demanding equipment tends to be in older (i.e. poorer) areas of town is not just some random coincidence. When they choose the areas that get upgrades and build-outs, money is a significant factor. It’s not the only factor. Upper Arlington is very wealthy, and has some aging infrastructure. But there is definitely a correlation between poorness and shitty infrastructure.

  7. Correlation does not imply causation. Older areas and developments have older equipment because they're older.

  8. Will it fuck be - it's the developer Spiders that are making it - the folk that brought us "mars War logs" and "bound by flame"

  9. I doubt you've ever even played their games. Greedfall was damn good, very nearly great. And they've shown marked improvement with every release. Plus their budget has grown larger than ever.

  10. I own all their games and greedfall was not a good game

  11. You're an obvious hater; I don't believe for one second that you've even bought these games, let alone actually played through them. Stop lying.

  12. Amazon's insistence on trying to turn this into a Marvel-style universe despite the fact the show only really works because it's a self-contained thing that is critiquing both popular culture and the invasive nature of ubiquitous branding is... fucking baffling in some regards.

  13. Whaaat? I couldn't possibly disagree more. They've done an awesome amount of world building in the series, and it still feels like they've just barely scratched the surface of it all. I can't think of any other IP more ripe for the megafranchise treatment.

  14. It's much more wholesome and heartwarming than you would think. They're not laughing at him or his condition. The jokes are more "Look at how this person is reacting to him" not "Haha what a fucking weirdo."

  15. It's actually incredibly resilient, all things considered. When you factor in the physics and complexity of providing electricity to millions of people for millions of different applications and uses, 24 hours a day every single day of the year; it's a miracle of engineering that we're able to go a single week in the summer without a major outage like this.

  16. Kindly fuck right off with this corporate white knighting. AEP was given insane amounts of money two decades ago to improve infrastructure, but pocketed the money instead.

  17. Hell yeah. Peeing standing up leads to splattering, either from the ceramic or the water. A lot of dudes low key have an air of piss about them. And I am not about that life.

  18. Next step on this list is going to be the guard tower on the west side for all you gamers… The best way to help prevent this stuff is to be involved in the zoning process.

  19. Well, I stand corrected. I think they'll have a real bad time with that, though. That stretch has stayed mostly undeveloped for good reason. It's not convenient to anywhere or anything of note. Nobody from outside the immediate area ever goes there if they can avoid it. And these sorts of developments need a lot of outside interest to be successful.

  20. Very true. I often think about what his legacy would have became. Would he be an oscar winner and dramatic force like his brother? Or did he want to play parts more to the likes of say a Brad Pitt or Clooney. I would’ve loved to have seen it. A young and iconic talent gone too soon.

  21. I think he would've gone the Joaquin route for sure. He was already leaning that direction by mostly sticking with very serious roles/movies after his Stand By Me breakthrough. And I just can't imagine anybody from the Phoenix family settling for pretty boy type roles.

  22. Yeah things must have been going pretty fucking bad for a total rewrite to be even remotely justified. Sounds like the absolute definition of development hell, which makes me a little sad, cause I love nightdive's work, especially their quake and blood remasters. I hope this one lives up to expectations in the end

  23. Things were going badly because the devs have no concept of how to manage themselves. They went bonkers with feature creep and had nowhere near the skills nor the resources to keep up with what they were committing to.

  24. Kinda. She's firmly in middle aged territory now, and we all know how that tends to affect actresses' careers. Especially when they've mostly coasted on their looks, like she has.

  25. I got about 50% through the game, but didn't encounter any noticeable bugs.

  26. Yeah I'm with you. I beat the game on grandmaster difficulty and didn't see any major bugs. And I also thought it was very mediocre, at best. If it wasn't the only decent Star Wars game to come along in years it would have gotten a much harsher reception.

  27. Yeah ancient roots is charging less for better quality and more product. Time to put the pressure on firelands to compete. I stopped buying their stuff and strictly just get AR at this point.

  28. The problem with Ancient Roots is their stuff isn't really solventless. They call it "rosin badder" instead of just rosin for a reason. They pump it all full of solvent-extracted, unregulated CBG isolate. It's a dirty, inferior product compared to what Firelands puts out.

  29. Higher CBG numbers can come from extracting the plants a little early which is what’s happening. You should reach out before you start making accusations. CBG or CBD isolate is always listed in ingredients on the packaging when used. I’ve had pretty much every AR rosin and never have they cut it with anything.

  30. Sorry but you simply don't know what you're talking about. The regulations and enforcement on labeling in our state are a fucking joke.

  31. I got the ICC and its great, but at this point it is an opaque off-white paste. I was really hoping to get more of this appearance (freshness)

  32. Rosin's pretty delicate. Gotta keep it in the fridge and not stir it up to keep it looking like that.

  33. Yeah i mean mine had a different appearance straight from the dispensary

  34. Ah I see. Hard to tell if that's poor storage at the dispo, or just a quirk of that particular strain. Some strains do just auto budder right off the plates. Have you seen their ICC fresh press be clear looking like this before?

  35. Just FYI, I picked up a TCC live resin pod from Bloom Columbus a couple of weeks ago. They're popping up all over the place randomly. I think they're just low stock and selling fast.

  36. what's the juiciest part of the Westhead story?

  37. I don't want to spoil it for you, so I'll just say that he ends up in a huge feud with Magic. It was pretty much unprecedented at the time.

  38. Nice. Hopefully it allows Segal have a bit more range. He’s a great actor but this character so far is just pretty dumb with a few moments of Shakespeare tossed in

  39. Yeah I think it'll give him plenty of opportunities to show out. He won't be cowed and ashamed like he was during the takeover from McKinney. Hopefully we'll see him bring back some of that unhinged "You mind your own fuckhole!" Sydney Fife energy, lol.

  40. Interesting; I didn't think Firelands was still growing Fruitopia. I snagged some early last year from Strawberry Fields Dayton, but I've never seen it on a menu anywhere else and it's not on their genetics guide.

  41. I always thought it was insane for ohio to have thier own proprietary cart style and battery. Idk why 510 wouldnt be the standard as it is seemingly everywhere. However it does seem to be the push lately luster pods have be pretty sporadically on shelf for a min by me.

  42. Pretty much every state has some proprietary pod/battery system in place. The reason being that 510 is an inferior vape format which was never intended for THC, and has several notable shortcomings as a result (like bad airflow leading to clogging). It makes sense that people want options which were actually made for this stuff.

  43. But it's also not really on the dispo to make good on poor QA on the grower side... At least IMO. Ohio should have better regulations in place to protect it's cash cows...I mean patients, my apologies lol

  44. It really is on the dispo, though. In any other industry if you buy a defective product you can return it to the store for a refund or replacement. It's then on the store to go get their money back from the manufacturer.

  45. You’ve returned stuff right? It’s not a universal thing, not guaranteed, and completely varies store by store. It’s something each store handles based on what they feel is right. End of the day a defective product falls under its warranty and that’s all your guaranteed. I’d say dispensaries that care about keeping their customers should accept returns for the convenience of the customer, but it’s their choice. Also I don’t think you can typically return an opened bottle of liquor or wine. So not atypical to treat these things differently than, say, a toaster oven.

  46. Last I checked federal law obligates retailers to accept all returns on defective products, regardless of their store policies. There's no reason it should be any different with dispos.

  47. LMAO and they want to charge $70 for that faulty product trash. I was literally about to try it out today.

  48. Defects happen with every product in every industry, that's not something to criticize them for.

  49. Interesting how much lighter the Certified pod is. Makes me wonder if it's mostly distillate with a bit of live resin added, like Buckeye does with some of their carts.

  50. It specifically states that they changed the rule allowing for products with less than a whole day supply of thc to be sold. They changed the language to include UP TO 590 for concentrates 100 for edibles and 295 for topicals thus allowing half grams and .3s to be sold.

  51. No, if you read carefully it's clearly stating that "further collaboration" has lead to a change in multi-day supplies.

  52. So if i email the board you will admit you are wrong? because as 3 year card holder i can assure you that half grams were not allowed initially.

  53. The board will confirm what I'm saying. Up to you whether you want to waste your time emailing them. I really don't care either way.

  54. Holy shit, what an incredible pair. That green cork is awesome. Didn't even know that existed, but now I wish more makers would use them.

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