1. “I said, do. We. Have. A. Problem! Hm?”

  2. I’d get a 1tb sad with the M2. The stock ssd is much slower than the 2021 model.

  3. Is that the minifreak on your desk? What are your takes? Thinking about grabbing one!

  4. illGates is an excellent teacher. I don’t even make EDM but his style of teaching isn’t specific to edm in anyway. A lot of his content is more so about workflow and has an almost philosophical approach to production. A lot about routine, setting yourself up for success… stuff that isn’t even music but related to the processes of artistry.

  5. Doesn't really matter when Citadel and create millions of synthetic shares. But.... Schwab needs to locate for their books.

  6. I mean, I respect the swagger, but, it does matter. If you can’t prove Schwab is lending out your and/or your client’s assets, and you operate under the assumption that it doesn’t matter, than what are you really flexing about? Kinda seems like an empty threat. Not tryna come at you bro, just tryna promote realistic and professional discourse between apes and institutions. Point being, if it truly does not matter, than it may not serve you to threaten them.

  7. I don't. Can't skip a single page without feeling like I didn't even read the book.

  8. Or like when I mentally check out for 20 seconds while still “reading”, I must rewind several paragraphs prior to check out and reread in full context.

  9. I have this problem with audio books. I’ll get distracted for 10 seconds and have to go back. Every time.

  10. Same. I feel like I’m rewinding 15 seconds every 60 seconds.

  11. The food on the “empty” plate was covered by something that camouflaged the food and he removed it when he removed the napkin…….right?

  12. Yea. It’s called an invisibility cloak. Gawd.

  13. Slightly overripe even. They'll still be fine but definitely best to harvest right as the caps start to turn up, before they've gone like this. You probably know but someone else may not.

  14. I’m one of those that didn’t know, so thank you! Are over ripe oysters (or any mushroom) less flavorful and/or does the texture get affected?

  15. What interesting to me was, when you said learning reaper as opposed to a loop based system was instrumental in your productions. Reason being, I had the complete opposite experience. I started in logic and was making a bunch of weird ass songs that sounded like something in a 90’s sci fi action movie. But then I bought maschine and that completely changed the game for me. In a years time I was making legit(ish) songs. Now, 10 years later, maschine is still the centerpiece of my productions. Obviously maschine has its limitations, but in terms of allowing me to understand arrangement, effects chains, routing, sound design and sampling, maschine simplified and dumbed everything down enough to really wrap my head around; at a way faster rate than I expected. On top of all that, maschine as a loop based system is hella fun, and I think looping in general is where a lot of creative ideas are born.

  16. I know Deb.. she's a celeb in Zagreb

  17. Any update since? Specifically with your audio fuse? Will the USB ports in the back work with midi controllers?

  18. Made me think the same thing. But was coal, coal 250 million years ago? How was there already enough bio mass to have died way before to create huge coal/fossil fuel beds?

  19. No one knows what they’re doing. We don’t even know what consciousness is, and yet we use it to believe and experience everything we know. It’s literally ridiculous, and there is humor in that absurdity. Laugh shit off and work hard at what you love. Using humor as a spiritual device to overcome the perception of adversity.

  20. Does yours work with a case on? I’m using the Logitech keyboard case. Worries it’ll be too wide to fit in there.

  21. 23andMe $ME - the data alone is likely worth much more than the current valuation. They have their first proprietary drug in phase 1 clinical trails, another in collaboration with GSK, and a pipeline of 40 targets. Considering their novel method of drug development using the precision data they have, it’s a decent bet.

  22. I didn’t realize they were developing drugs

  23. Lol I know my dogs do this too when they’ve been zooming around the yard for a while and are exhausted but still need extra plays.

  24. Everyone always highlights the negatives, but if I remember correctly, corn - and corn byproducts - were identified as one of those resources that ensured national security in the event that certain critical resources were cut off internationally.

  25. Isn’t a large amount of corn (or just food in general) destroyed to keep supply down thus increase price?

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