Cryptobros on suicide watch.

A glowing commendation for all to see

I don't need it, I don't even necessarily want it, but I've got some cash to burn so I'm gonna get it.

  1. You can do any role. However some classes are better at some things than others.

  2. Whoops ment or not and, good catch, yes there are better sets but nightflame is the easiest one I can think of to get, SoB is probably preferred.

  3. Why not go hybrid and get the best of both worlds?

  4. Would going hybrid have lower dps to a full stam build?

  5. quite the opposite, you can pick the most hard hitting abilities for both mag and stam, your dmg would be the highest as opposed to mag or stam ONLY

  6. If you’re trying to play a dps toon your healing should be coming from critical surge when solo, or from the healer when grouped. You should run Twilight Tormenter and Volatile Familiar.

  7. I would disagree, the matriarch is the best burst heal for a sorc’s tool kit. I would rather run that as opposed to crit surge when solo. For a group it depends on what they’re doing but I would still recommend the matriarch for the big burst heal for an “oh shit” button for 4 man content. For trials then yeah more dmg is better as you generally have 2 healers keeping ppl alive and 2 tanks buffing the group.

  8. You would put in a support ticket. I had a friend who played on ps4 and then went to PC. He put in a ticket, explained he wanted to swap, and he got his account on PC.

  9. allows the 8 dps to not run acceleration or trap beast. Allowing them an easier rotation or another still that does dmg.


  11. Therapist: Violent Nessie isn’t real, it can’t hurt you

  12. I tried pve endgame last year by doing some vet trials, wasn’t enjoyable so I tried PVP close to end of last year,

  13. Interesting...I didn't know pvp was a gold generator.

  14. AP can be used to buy gold jewls or alliance pots.

  15. 2 Daggers is meta, lighting is offmeta but still viable depending on the situation. Mechs and stuff

  16. Nah you don’t NEED that extra bonus, is it nice? Sure but not mandatory.

  17. You will use a 2her most likely for dummy humping,

  18. I thought race didn't really matter though? At least as far as I've heard from reading about other people's opinions on this, but idk for sure. But thanks for the advice!

  19. It only affects it by a few percent, however that few percent can be the reason you get a 100k parse or not.

  20. Sky shard hunting, doing zone quests, public dungeons, dungeons. Are the main way to get skill points.

  21. Set an alliance to your home and get to teir 1 by just running around and following zergs

  22. Keep stuff you need, Decon stuff you don’t. Sell stuff you can’t decon and don’t need.

  23. Well mara’s balm for the cleanse with way of the fire for more dmg is what I see on dks.

  24. Well it’s meta or soon to be meta but the runecarver set from the dungeon is pretty nice.

  25. Huh? Have you looked at the price? Fiat trouble is making craptoe boom.

  26. 3 minutes left till I get banned. Is there anything y'all want to to tell me? I actually love you guys :,)

  27. You seem bad at this buying low selling high stuff, have you tried buying high and selling low?

  28. IM HERE TO SHIT AND POST(also know as shitpost)

  29. I would say in CP they are easier if you have a decent chunk of CP.

  30. Vamp stage 4, tried it on my necro bomber build, had fun but not very reliable as nb cloak.

  31. Ask em what they want to do and here are my suggestions.

  32. I’ll simplify it, you have 3 stats you can build into:

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