1. Good that Kyron Johnson is back. Was worried about SAM LB depth. My heart skipped a beat looking at this initially though xD

  2. Adding Reddick is definitely proving to be a difference maker. He gets sacks himself yes. But he also draws attention away from guys like Cox.

  3. Izzy Abanikanda out of Pitt (he's a Junior I think though). He's having a fantastic season so far, and Pitt RBs have worked well in the past for Philly

  4. I'm wondering why they are being so hush quiet about it though. The fact that they didn't outright say he has a tear in his shoulder or something along those lines is a good thing though.

  5. This article says nothing at all that we don't already know

  6. Running by their sub and talking to their fans. They are saying that a lot of those injuries are pre-existing so they're probably nursing them. Expect a lot of those guys playing still. Still not ideal to be that banged up.

  7. I was about to cop a underdog T but $49 is steep even for charity. I’ll have to snag one eventually.

  8. I’m guessing the New Heights pod name is in part an homage to the Kelce brothers’ hometown of Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

  9. They're both the backup SAM LBs (Reddick is the starter there). So they'll probably elevate someone from the PS as a backup if needed or rotate someone like Nakobe Dean there (wouldn't be a good move though tbh).

  10. Arizona's report looks way worse than ours.

  11. I just saw. Jesus Christ. Have they been bit by the injury bug for a few weeks or are those guys new?

  12. I popped over from the cards subreddit to see if you guys were discussing all of the injuries. Part of the reason the cards have struggled is they've been pretty fucked by injuries so far. For example, our CB 2 got into a horrific cooking accident that put him on IR before the season even started, which pretty much sums it up. That said we've also been just plain bad.

  13. A cooking accident???? Yeah that would do it. Isn't the O-line old too? Hope you get at least some of your guys back for the game.

  14. I hope we don't see weather like that again this year, that shit sucked. Cold weather games are whatever but cold torrential rain and wind like that is the fucking worst.

  15. Honestly would not mind a snow game. Been a while since we've seen the Eagles play in snow.

  16. We certainly have the run game for it, would be fun to see Miles pull a Shady 2.0.

  17. He had a mini Shady game on Sunday in the rain. That snow game against the Lions though was unreal.

  18. Nfl network just said today they think we lose to GB amd the 2nd cowboys game (they only had us winning week 6 cuz dak out)

  19. Honestly I think the Eagles are more likely to beat Dak in December than week 6 if Rush is in. He didn't inspire much confidence in week 1. I still have us splitting them.

  20. I really don't think the Cardinals are THAT bad. There's a decent enough chance they can win. Eagles need to play with purpose and aggression. Don't overlook them.

  21. If Jake can't go this week, why even sign a kicker? Just go for 2 every TD and go for it every 4th down in enemy territory. No balls! /s

  22. Which means someone is going on IR. It better not be Slay or Mailata...

  23. Damn. Dicker the kicker is fun though. Hopefully Jake gets better soon. For the brand!

  24. I honestly think 12-5 is the FLOOR. I think they're gonna split the next two games going into the bye to be 5-1. Though I would not be shocked at all if they're 6-0. And if they do go 6-0? I am likely raising that floor to 13-4 or 14-3.

  25. When will this team actually get the A-team broadcast that they deserve?

  26. Hey Dave! I knew the second the Saints hit the "Double Doink" that the vibes were good for an Eagles win on Sunday. I wasn't even that nervous when they were down 14-0. I just knew this team is resilient and would get the ball rolling eventually. I feel like Arizona is to the Eagles like Jacksonville is for Indy. Gotta break that bad mojo. Do the players ever talk about the record in Arizona or do they go in with a clean slate every time they play there?

  27. So we want the Padres to win to get the Cards right? Honestly don't know which possibility I want more : revenge for starting the drought or to end the Mets run.

  28. Hey everyone, the guy who blew the perfect game wants a new manager instead of the manager with a .600 winning percentage.

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