1. How is opening the free market and reducing regulations not a “market solution”? It’s making the free market much more free.

  2. I think what he means is that reduced zoning regulations will help with housing prices and economic hardship caused by high prices. But it won't solve the homeless problem because homelessness is actually a problem of more than just wanting a home but not being able to afford one in a lot of cases

  3. I don’t tend to take the “meat good, grains bad” people all that seriously. Although that’s kinda true, nutrition is more complicated than that.

  4. keep trusting the government diet of more grains and no meat that is making americans fatter and fatter as time goes on

  5. The fact that the government promotes this diet does not imply that the opposite diet is "the" healthy one. Empirically, there are a lot of societies out there prioritizing grains over meat that are generally very healthy and have low obesity rates (the Chinese, Korean and Japanese diets are quite heavy on rice, and the Swizz eat approximately half as much meat as Americans), so, at the very least, the diet can be made to work.

  6. Americans are very compliant with the government diet guidelines though, all food you don't make yourself is filled with carbs and has had all the fat removed or replaced with sugar and eating anything but beef is very popular among people in my life. The government has been using "Americans aren't compliant with the guidelines!" As an unfalsifiable scapegoat for the reason the guidelines don't work

  7. on the other hand most of the data of this NFT related transaction is in the segwit witness data right? and last i heard that type of data gives less fees to miners per byte than regular transaction data

  8. Unlikely, more likely in situations where it makes economical sense to create a payment channel when you will transact with the same entity many times per day, like a payment channel between 2 banks.

  9. Coming back 70 years later, and second guessing motivations based on our information and not the information available at the time is a fools errand.

  10. There is information from the time and from high ranking generals at the time that disagreed with using the atomic bomb

  11. How large can a block of non segwit transactions be?

  12. They're carrying a banner saying 'end the war on black America'. How is it a war on black America, when black police are mindlessly beating black men for reasons apparently unrelated to race?

  13. The game is, no matter what bad thing or how it happens find a way to blame it on "whiteness". As of course you have probably noticed.

  14. People slowly coming to the realization that all our institutions have limited or no checks and balances to slow the rampant corruption and self-serving actions.

  15. Or they are realizing that "white supremacist black cops" are at war with black people

  16. The whole panic about proof of work cryptocurrency energy usage is a front to justify government regulation and capture of crypto currencies.

  17. Yeah, and the same argument is made by those justifying homosexuality. It's funny to me how people pick and choose when to "use context".

  18. Here is an explanation of what "Jesus fulfilled the law" means

  19. Three generations of absolute family drama that wrecked the whole galaxy.

  20. At least we can find comfort in all the skywalker family descended from Shmi being dead

  21. for me the main problem with mistlands is the level design of the terrain + reduced vision mechanic

  22. What is the argument that unvaxed blood is significantly different from vaxed blood?

  23. if not studies do we have any evidence even anecdotal of spike protean or lipid nano particle containing mrna still in the blood and/or in donated blood after a long time?

  24. Not Dave's best performance. Especially when Yarvin's only real criticism is a blasé "libertarianism is bad because cheap Chinese goods" that's been taken on and defeated multiple times.

  25. isn't it ironic how the "radical rightist" eventually reverts back to just saying the same thing as your typical republican voter in terms of economics

  26. Yarvin seems to find an (in this case faulty) analogy that he thinks works, and then applies his thinking around that analogy.

  27. i tuned in while it was premiering and missed his introduction of that analogy where i assume he mentioned what the ground breaking assumption was that makes austrian econ not work universally. but what i gathered was he doesn't think austrian econ works in cultures that don't like liberalism like Haiti which i don't buy because Haiti has a problem of not understanding and building policy around economic laws and incentives, not that the economic laws and incentives don't apply and predict what will happen

  28. does Kazakhstan have price controls or subsidized electricity costs?

  29. de-aging doesn't make you immortal though, you can still die to lifestyle diseases like diabetes and other diseases from eating the standard american diet that the government still pushes everyone to eat despite it making everyone unhealthy and fat

  30. Big LOL at the "That thought never crossed our minds." Either we believe them and they have really terrible lawyers who didn't explain what their terms could be interpreted as, or they're lying. Not a great look either way for such a huge monolith of a company.

  31. I could see a business person tell a lawyer "make the contract let me do innocent activity X while letting me do any innocent activity I can't think of now in the future"

  32. I can confirm he is not, but he will gladly use the errors of libertarian socialists to strawman all libertarians

  33. So this single example is the one that demonstrates which ideology is that of a 10 year old and not the thousands and thousands of other examples of 10 year olds repeating communist and statist rhetoric?

  34. Ah, it's the latest variation of a religious end of the world prediction!

  35. As far as I know most people having kids aren't planning on divorce at the time they have the kids so I wouldn't expect child support to disincentivize having kids in particular but might disincentivize getting married

  36. Yes, I didn't mean to say that heels are as bad as foot binding, but they are both products of "women's beauty standards" and I'm just pointing out we have beauty standards that if not harm do cause pain too

  37. My wife and her family have needed surgery in part due to heels + pointed toe shoes

  38. i think it is worth studying the US comics industry vs Japan's manga industry.

  39. Does this mean that ; IF you were to get a vaccine for any reason , the J&J one is statistically the safest one to get ?

  40. Both jabs cause your cells to produce spike protein but by different means.

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