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  1. Tried looking up info on it and some sites said its release date was today

  2. It got data mined today. I’m sure it will be out in the next 2 weeks. Then all the furry things

  3. I’d go with a nine tailed fox, have the some of the tails curl down the staff and the rest spread out behind it while in staff mode

  4. Epic really needs to fix the hammer glitch but other then that its pretty okish? Maybe add some more pois in the future?

  5. Go back and convince steel wool and scott to announce security breach 3 years earlier to allow them an additional 3 years to work with with out effecting the december release date 8 year (or rather 11 year) release date

  6. It's just a preview of 28 seconds.

  7. Unfortunately no its the full episode and it’s already appearing on youtube

  8. There are a large amount of dinosaurs featured in the games that never made a canonical appearance in the movie including Metriacanthosaurus or Deinonychus

  9. You go to the genome library and select 2022 in giga's variant selector and then click on 2022 for getting the dominion skin of giga or you can select other skins for dominion giga variant

  10. Yes click on the arrow of the body variant selector and choose 2022 (right above the normal giga skins)

  11. Were you the person who was reported to be injured by an animatronic that was being built

  12. Hey! I know this post was from a long time ago but I was wondering how long does it take for the FNaF autographs to ship?

  13. Well i ordered it july 27th and got it september 13th so about a month and a half?

  14. I don’t remember what it was called but there was a fanfic were the main six became barren and couldn’t have kids because of the elements and some magic explanation (don’t remember the exact reasoning) and they just made applejack the absolute terrible character. They had her hate and blame Twilight, chase sweetie belle off her property and forbid her from being around applebloom and bad mouth big mac.

  15. So how many people are ignoring the fact that the auto moderator says this is not a real tweet? Cause I’m seeing alot of people referencing this tweet like it’s actually real which honestly I probably wouldn’t put it past elon to actually post

  16. I would add the most popular skins from the past battle passes, various skins we haven’t seen in years, more pop culture skins (Fnaf, Cyberpunk, GoT, etc) and skins for the internet

  17. For anyone wondering after looking it up no this wouldn’t be considered indecent exposure. In fact this would be protected under the 1st amendment. At best they could be charged with obscenity but it’s unlikely. He probably would denied access to places unless it’s covered

  18. Fnaf skins so i can hit the griddy has freddy or Roxanne

  19. Best of luck! Just as a heads up, your artist might have to rework this to make it a tattooable design (probably thicker lineart, maybe a couple of anatomy fixes).

  20. Oh yeah definitely thats what they did with my last tattoo

  21. Incorporate the same design with common tattoo styles so that you can get the same character and same design with a more traditional art style for tattooing cool character I can only imagine how cool a more realistic traditional design would look of that character .

  22. Oh I commissioned the artist to draw it in a anime tattoo style. When i was trying to think of what style i wanted i looked up tattoo styles to see which would be the best

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