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  1. So how many people are ignoring the fact that the auto moderator says this is not a real tweet? Cause I’m seeing alot of people referencing this tweet like it’s actually real which honestly I probably wouldn’t put it past elon to actually post

  2. I would add the most popular skins from the past battle passes, various skins we haven’t seen in years, more pop culture skins (Fnaf, Cyberpunk, GoT, etc) and skins for the internet

  3. For anyone wondering after looking it up no this wouldn’t be considered indecent exposure. In fact this would be protected under the 1st amendment. At best they could be charged with obscenity but it’s unlikely. He probably would denied access to places unless it’s covered

  4. Fnaf skins so i can hit the griddy has freddy or Roxanne

  5. Best of luck! Just as a heads up, your artist might have to rework this to make it a tattooable design (probably thicker lineart, maybe a couple of anatomy fixes).

  6. Oh yeah definitely thats what they did with my last tattoo

  7. Incorporate the same design with common tattoo styles so that you can get the same character and same design with a more traditional art style for tattooing cool character I can only imagine how cool a more realistic traditional design would look of that character .

  8. Oh I commissioned the artist to draw it in a anime tattoo style. When i was trying to think of what style i wanted i looked up tattoo styles to see which would be the best

  9. I assume Hell is its own dimension and isn’t like physical attached to earth

  10. I love it but for anyone who equip it don’t use it with the Howling Claws its effects make it difficult to determine what is particle effects and what is the heartbeat

  11. I love the design but from what i see in that background this bird is about to experience what happens to all solitary animals on a uninhabited island

  12. Safe bet Star Wars skins return every may 4th

  13. Didn’t help that they advertised the movie as the final show down between micheal and Laurie. They basically attempted to pull a Halloween 3 Season of the Witch but half way through they thought “shit this is gonna suck” then haphazardly stuck micheal back in to fight Laurie but in the most god awful way and left everyone unsatisfied

  14. I think the main reason why is cause there is a few people on this reddit with an absolute massive hate boner for Loona that everyone is tired of seeing so whenever someone says something like this they immediately assume its another person that hates loona and downvotes them into oblivion. Its sad when people can’t tell sarcasm online

  15. Honestly its ok but definitely not something for up close battles. Haven’t had any luck killing someone with it

  16. Nope theres a flap on the inside that blocks the pins

  17. Honestly not a fan of those two. If they had more vortex ones I’d get em and I honestly wish i gotten more millie ones but at the time most of these came out I couldn’t really afford to splurge so i only had to get a few

  18. For context, someone in a discord server linked the site and I figured I’d ask around to see if its a reliable site to use to purchase figurines

  19. Honestly i would go for something like a Allosaurus or a Kaprosuchus

  20. I never really like that interpretation mostly because it doesn’t really make much sense to me considering they’re dealing with some eldritch horror.

  21. To be far, containment procedures for SCP 2845 was made up by the foundation in order to make it seem like they could contain it. Belief is a powerful thing in the scp verse. If you get enough people to think on something surprising things can happen

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