1. Decarboxolate them first your Anal cavity is far too cool to activate the diamonds. They turn to liquid and you can butt chug them.

  2. This sub is quite litteraly for THCA. There is other subs for type 2 and even type 3 specifically.

  3. Woah, why does yours look 1000x better than mine?

  4. Just smoked a bowl of this out of my 18 inch water pipe right now, such a great funky smell/taste mushroom, garlic and ass, what could be better? Stoned out of my mind right now playing some games

  5. They don't have anything to hide. Think of a club where you must be on a list. Not everyone gets to enjoy the service because that's the way they desire to do it.

  6. Lmfao keep buying your illegal shit that’s probably laced with chemicals. I’ll be over here not getting arrested for buying illegal products. Hilarious that there’s shills for a company with COAs made in a text editor

  7. Lol says the kid in my DMs trying to befriend me and give me the link

  8. 100% agree on the Space Traveler, my GMO from Upstate was loud asf.

  9. $45 so a little on the higher end, but holy fuck I would buy it again in a heartbeat If I had none.

  10. No sorry D: its the first time I've tried GMO.

  11. This shit smacks, so glad I picked up at least 3.5g's , effects are heavy af for me which I love and the subtle berry taste.. delicious

  12. I use it on the lowest heat setting and when I'm done I just wipe it with a q-tip.

  13. It was bad for my puffco peak pro, cleaned up fine with a q-tip but deff left some plant material

  14. LOL “smoked a bowl shits fire” is enough for me don’t worry 😹😹 enjoy it!!!

  15. Lmao mines coming in on Tuesday I’ll try and post a detailed one😂

  16. Gold standard of reviews right here. Great read! Thanks for sharing

  17. PHC's new Gelato full melt Hash is quality stuff, knocked me on my ass in the best way possible yesterday. Terps are on point too

  18. You smoked it after you claimed to have seen some kind of growths on it? doesn't sound smart, lets see the photo evidence though.

  19. i hope so, that cbg is interesting and i’d like to try it!

  20. I got ST coming, so I'll have to let you know about that along with the BB #2 :P

  21. yeah I looked right as they emailed, I only saw beast and diesel restocked

  22. Got my PHC just fine today no problems (it even sat in the warehouse overnight due to thanksgiving)

  23. I think we all know that feeling! Enjoy it and Welcome :)

  24. Nope but seen good things! Sounds like a great smoke.

  25. I’ll come back and let u know what I think when I get mine :D

  26. Snobs will tell you its shit just because they only buy indoor "high quality" bud, when its all just hemp at the end of the day, fantastic price after shipping! Picked up some deals from them myself :D

  27. I went with the full melt from PHC, while not completely comparable I've had Aretes Maui Wowie Live Resin and wasn't THAT impressed honestly.

  28. Guys don’t get too excited now it’s low percentage greenhouse all I’m saying is let’s not give vendor’s this misunderstanding that we love greenhouse because I personally prefer indoor and vendors need to update their menus to realistic prices and offer more indoor strains year round. We are not bottom feeders.

  29. Are you okay? Touch grass lmfao. Its my first order and I'm a shill. Lmfao you fucking clown

  30. I feel silly for not checking the other strains. I saw the smalls for Diesel and snagged it instantly.

  31. Aw, I've been there and done that too, you'll enjoy the Diesel :)

  32. I’m assuming it’d definitely be more of a Sativa? Can’t find this strain on Leafly. Do you think it’s similar to the Outer Space strain?

  33. The bud does look similar so maybe! Excited to smell and try it

  34. I'm not sure if it's over kill but I've already contacted a lawyer and they've confirmed I'm within my rights.

  35. If you have the means to do it more power to ya imo, hemp is legal so fuck em. hope it works out 4 u

  36. How do you know they "seized" it? Ordered multiple times with 0 issue whatsoever, unless it smelt like straight up gas in the box they shouldn't have opened it

  37. That's crazy. Postal inspector seized my package with 98% diamonds from Dr.G. I'm pretty nervous. Texas gang.

  38. Texas is a total THC state that letter doesn't mean anything. The way the farm Bill's written state laws supersede federal law.

  39. I really hate armchair lawyers, Texas is NOT a total THC state. Stop with the misinformation. anything 0.3% or less is considered hemp.

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