1. Meanwhile all my 76mm shells disappear into his weak spots due to some volumetric fuckery.

  2. Yeah it’s some real volumetric fuckery, I can get through those Spode no problem with the German 75s but the moment it’s a 76mm gun volumetric starts being a bitch

  3. French pilots served in the Soviet Air Force after the fall of France. After the war the pilots returned to France and because of good relations between the Soviet Union and France the pilots kept their Yak-3s

  4. I’d provide a source but I currently can’t remember which specific book I read it in, it had a Generic title like “Soviet fighters 1939-1945” or something like that

  5. It’s that or this is the image of the T49 which was basically M41 with a 90mm gun but I don’t think that made it to Nam’

  6. Surely if their players are as bad as you portray, it can’t be that bad. There are very few vehicles that can turn bad players into good ones…maybe KV-1E/B, that’s about it. 4.7-5.0 Soviet is so underrated, the T-34-85 D-5t is a monster. It was 5.3 until about a year ago. It and the KV-85 dropping down in br over the past year.

  7. Never once did I mention Soviet or US 4.0-5.0 those Br ranges are for the most part pretty good and I don’t feel like I have to worry much about which side Germany is on.

  8. Well no, because Germany has a total of 1 tank 4.0-5.0

  9. Trust me the Germany 5.0-6.0 outrage is definitely deserved. Between 4-5 panthers (excluding the premium on and Panther II) is a monster lineup, and that is excluding all of Germanys other options in that BR range that are also great.

  10. Don’t go around killing things at random, don’t pick up random shit, and resist modding until you completed the game

  11. Ive had new vegas for over a year and havent touched it because everyone says you need mods and when i look into mods its an hour tutorial with a bunch of bs that is way to confusing for me.

  12. Those T34s need BR raised. Way too bouncy.

  13. Fuck no lmao, if anything Panthers should go up to 6.0 with their armor, gun, and weapon handling

  14. Am I crazy or has something changed, I didnt play for some time and I can remember that even with T-34-85 I couldn't go through Panthers hull even at point blank with no angle, and especially not Jumbo.

  15. It’s the Panther prototype gayjin added because they created a massive BR gap because of shitty vehicle re-balancing. It has less armor that a lot more things can go through, though I still have problems penetrating it.

  16. Well, seeing how many "your tanks bad" takes there are i will try to say a little more

  17. Yeah the transportability of lighter tanks is honestly the most massive thing people tend to overlook when talking about tanks

  18. Just so you know the Balkenkreuz dates back to imperial Germany in the last days of WWI to improve the recognition speed of friendly aircraft. It wasn't a nazi innovation, they just inherited it. The modern Bundeswehr actually uses the iron cross which is likely inspired by the original Balkenkreuz.

  19. Don’t worry I’m fully aware of it’s history, but in this context it’s not that

  20. It’s a joke around the Reddit that nobody knows what a M60 is despite the fact that it was a Major American tank

  21. Radio antenna and hand rail for crew, pretty ingenious design detail even though it limited the radio range

  22. Highly unlikely that there is one considering how recently it was shown to the public, and since it’s unlikely the KF51 as it is now will be accepted into service I doubt a model will be made of it

  23. How about you read a actual history book instead of watching shitty YouTube channels. The reason why the Allies took so long to retake Western Europe is because their armies were spread across two theaters of war I.E Africa and Asia. In fact the statement that the western allies took a long time is arguably false since they invaded Italy in 1943.

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