In the United States they have dedicated Sniper nests to watch the crowd at large scale events, this has also been confirmed by Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

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A local fisherman in Costa Rica nursed a crocodile back to health after it had been shot in the head, and released the reptile back to its home. The next day, the man discovered “Pocho” had followed him home and was sleeping on the man’s porch. For 20 years Pocho became part of the man’s family.

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Boomer owner send this out last night before leaving on a week and a half long vacation... FUCK THAT! Over 50 of the 83 employees are quitting (so far!!) we're spending this morning updating resumes and directing clients to better providers!

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  1. If you watched every nuggets game you’d understand. Nobody who actually watched the team thinks he was anything but an on-court cancer last year, beyond awful

  2. Nah ur right. Didn't watch all 82 but at least 70 nuggest games and was horrified every time he was on the court. Easily cost the team multiple wins.

  3. The US has had around 68 school shootings since 2000.

  4. Oh its more of an issue in the USA, of course. However, he asked if other countries have to do this, and we do. Even the country with some of the strictest gun control on the planet.

  5. It would be silly to pretend that Canada has a larger or equal issue with gun related anything than the USA. Those people are simply wrong.

  6. Aren’t alligators and crocs a little different though… as an Aussie we get taught that crocs are an ultimate predator, where alligators are less aggressive? Maybe this is wrong, I don’t know. But hearing this croc as a brain injury definitely put this story from ‘completely unbelievable’ to ‘ahh ok this sounds possible.

  7. They are both crocodilians. Alligators are just generally smaller.

  8. There are many successful employee-owned companies. “Owned by” isn’t the same as “run by”. Even employee-owned companies have a CEO, a COO, etc.

  9. I agree about the second part in a situation where they are just employees. But this is a situation where those employees are all founding owners of the company with equal equity.

  10. Well argued. Perhaps just one or a few employees of the old company should start the new one, selecting which of the old employees they want to bring along, perhaps even with an equity stake, but expressly not in a decision-making capacity.

  11. Agreed, that would be a very strong starting position for a new company.

  12. I don't think she forgot that dude. She even said "are you done?" after his whole rambling.

  13. Then, again, why did she stand there are start an argument about it knowing this dude is seconds behind her? Thats the issue. Its unbelievably dumb.

  14. Yknow reading your comments just made me realize I actually don't understand what I'm watching and it just leaves me more utterly confused. And it also makes me think if things are done like that on purpose (cuz yknow how this show is) or if it's actual just bad writing, but I don't believe that, especially in a show where we're made to question which is real and which isn't.

  15. I mean its a pretty common trope thats overused in superhero movies especially. I think it was just lazy writing in a otherwise well written show. Its even worse since others have pointed out that at no point in the show did they even mention her father, so there was no setup for this huge emotional reveal.

  16. i feel like it was very reasonable for her to have that argument. she knew that if she let them leave, he would probably hide the truth from her, make up a lie or leave her before she could find out because these are all things he's before.

  17. The only problem is that she gets this info from a genocidal maniac who not only gaslights and lies to everyone but also directly mind controls people. Why would you every take anything he says seriously when you know his intentions are purely evil. It makes no sense.

  18. I might be way off, buti believe you can drink that with little to no side effects.

  19. Yes, all venom can be drank without harm so long as you dont have any way for it to enter your blood (like a cut in your mouth or stomach ulcer). In fact, being able to drink it is part of what differentiates it from poison.

  20. Doesn’t mean they should be kept in those conditions…literally 0 simulation is torture. Surely a larger enclosure or something would be more humane?

  21. Snakes don't really care at all. All they want to feel is safe, full, and warm.



  24. Why do I always feel like I'm punished for having a good early game?

  25. Winning early is a self grief. Just sac for perfect items and max econ, get an irelia, and top3 every game.

  26. For a young snake like this is, a live mouse can do a lot of damage, and even adult snakes can sustain injury.

  27. A snake will only be harmed by a live feeder if you drop it in and forget about it. Any halfway decent keeper would know to simply watch and make sure the snake is not being harmed. It's not rocket science, if the rodent is biting the snake you take it out and try again later.

  28. Again, a small vivarium is not a replication of the wild, and there is no option for the feeder to escape like there is in nature. It's cruel, except for drastic circumstances

  29. There was also no option for that rats cousin to escape the gas chamber?? What kind of argument is this.

  30. Even if they do its gonna be 80 to 100 more in taxes.

  31. Easily. Last summer bought a $100 box of my father's from the states and they wanted me to pay $450 in taxes when it arrived.

  32. Okay we got similar taste in shows! What else you got?

  33. I feel like game of thrones gets an over exaggerated amount if hate after its ending. It's not good, but to say the whole show is a write off due to the final two seasons is really odd. I'd still highly recommend watching it.

  34. Just /ff the second you see prismatic 1st augment to save yourself the psychic damage. The LP is not worth it.

  35. My in game name is Trinidad James, and late wipe I'll run around with every gold item on me.

  36. His rep is like 160 last I saw. Dudes farming like 20-30mil a day. Currently about 730mil in roubles.

  37. You are saying that Smittystone and Rengwar are cheating lol? You people are on some serious copium.

  38. Black thoughts verse on Birds eye view.

  39. It's really tough but I think Schubert's Ständchen performe by Peter Schreier wins it for me.

  40. Komm susser tod is my pick too, glad I found it here. Theres something about the contrast between the extremely depressing lyrics and upbeat performance that gets me.

  41. You have no idea what you’re talking about if you think twitch drops are causing the servers to crumble under pressure. Maybe a million requests every 3 hours isn’t going to kill the servers.

  42. I have no idea how these kinds of things function, but I find it hard to believe that drops have nothing to do with the servers. Every time there is a large drop event the servers are fucked for the whole event, then are back to normal magically when it ends.

  43. They don’t replace the bands. What you see there is the band being covered up because that’s the law. Basically there is a law that believes the beauty of the band will entice you to buy it, so cigars sellers are required to cover up the band. The band is still there, and you can remove that ugly paper.

  44. The band is not always there. Its hit or miss, most of the time now its gone. I think going forward all of them will be completely removed at some point.

  45. The only reason people give a shit about the quests is because they're such a hard gate on progression which will mean in 46 hours from typing now you're gonna get mowed down by slick-altyn shitheads with gucci ammo that ignores your armor while you can't pierce theirs

  46. Yep. And now with the "hardcore" flea changes everyone who is stuck at lower levels cant even get ammo to compete against them. Sounds good.

  47. Lmao, you underestimate what the kedr, and a shotgun with express can do. That armor may be level 6, but those legs aint. Ive wiped out plenty of sweaty chads last wipe with the kedr and 8.5 buckshot.

  48. I mean sure you can do that, but dont act like its a reliable strategy. Leg meta has always existed in this game and its never been actually good.

  49. Custodes are the best of the best that the entire imperium has. Im not a lore master, but them running away from a fight under any circumstances seems silly. Now the only realistic way to make them run is with like 6 vennatari, losing 5 models with a leadership debuff, they still would only run on a 6.

  50. Yeah I agree. But comparing that to necrons, they would not flee under under circumstances either.

  51. Right, but game balance exists too. You cant make the game purely lore based.

  52. If someone is looking to run pure slaanesh daemonette hoards, drop the keepers and put in syll'esske and the contorted epitome, and leave enough points to summon the masque. Running this army without locus of slaanesh or the masque makes no sense. If you want belakor, it needs to be 2 patrols due to syll being a prince.

  53. What are you looking to achieve with this list? Are you going for max competitiveness or just trying to run something cool?

  54. In that context, I'm looking more for something cool over max competitiveness. I'll never top four a GT, but I am looking to have a pretty tuned list that all the bad plays are from me and not what I brought.

  55. Its not the only viable build, but it depends on how much you are willing to soup. Keeping it mostly slaanesh, its pretty much what you said. Daemonettes are just not good enough into even decent armies in the meta to compete. However, I had a list that was similar to yours with no keepers.

  56. Government does not cover meds for any thing but inpatient care - check!

  57. Buddy you are completely ignoring any context to this conversation so you can have a gotcha moment. That, or you just have trouble reading.

  58. Ontario has the trillium program to help poor people with prescription drugs.

  59. That's true, and it's a good program. But its existence is contradictory to our healthcare being free.

  60. I'm not sure why people don't say names, it's not like he's saying the dude cheated. Just that he enforced rules like an asshole. Call them out.

  61. Its the general rule almost reddit wide (certainly on any well moderated sub) that public shaming is not allowed. Its rule 3 there.

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