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  1. Not heroes, casualties from a war caused by greed and power thirst. I'm not only talking about Putin, but zelensky too. He wants American blood on his soil? Fuck him

  2. Sometimes they cut the moment of impact, my best guess is it's because it's a certain munition they don't want to expose just yet

  3. I find it hard to believe that the west coast has more sunshine hours than central Otago

  4. I don't. We've had winters where an inversion layer stuck around for 4 weeks straight.

  5. What's a PARM mine please? I though I saw trail from a rocket, and the odd Ukrainian warrior in the trenches but was hard to make out, my bad

  6. They're mines that are actually small rocket launchers usually placed off to the side of the road

  7. The m134 minigun beats it by a bit. 1,550 rpm vs up to 6,000 rpm. R-23 is the highest single-barrel machine gun with 2,600 rpm, however it is an aircraft gun

  8. I don’t think they understand how international court works. This just furthers the notion that Russia is not satisfied unless they’re elevated above everyone else.

  9. What do you mean? This court will be backed by the super powers of Syria, Iran, Belarus, and Serbia

  10. Perpetuating the notion that regulation from EU is bad... In case the EU decides to look at them, they can then criticize it and say "see?, we were always against it!"

  11. First they came for the banks, and I said nothing for I wasn't a bank...

  12. As a 4-star armchair general it's really looking like Ukraine want to do a heap of damage this spring/summer and maximize their assault potential.

  13. But so encouraging that Ukraine is going hard on anti-corruption

  14. Jeez I wonder what the NATO casualties are after more than a year of war

  15. Boomers claim they had something to do with the moon landing, invented computers, and basically delivered modern society to us. In reality the only thing they can really be credited for is shit politics.

  16. They brought us neo-liberalism (via voting), which is going to destroy us all. So there's that

  17. That poster looks like the bundles of hair that collects in the shower

  18. Wonder if they're going for the western arms deliveries.

  19. I did grow up with F. I won't pretend that's not clearly the main factor in my prefering it day to day, but I maintain that it's objectively more useful if all you're doing is trying to describe the weather or indoor temperature.

  20. You have to consider, any of the rounds that a T-62 can fire, will obliterate the Bradley, in one shot. It sounds great that a 25mm can penetrate this old shite, but it still has ammunition that will kill both armor and people. Correctly used, any tank is better than no tank. Funny thing, but armor isn't actually how most tanks survive.

  21. I still think about that claimed HIMARS kill on the 3rd floor of a building.

  22. Not gonna bother. We very heartily told them to remove us from the sign up….again

  23. It's worth it. Hell I've even reported Jetstar.

  24. Actually, it's the opposite, the Chinese wouldn't want their gear to be battle tested against western weapons and let the world know how it could be inferior. The illusion that Russia was a great military power was exposed in this war b/c their weapons were tested against a near peer opponent.

  25. That would make sense if the Chinese weren't actually wanting to go to war with Taiwan and instead want to just appear powerful.

  26. Then Taiwan could learn from how Chinese weapons work and it's weaknesses to counter it. It goes both ways.

  27. Find out his name. Remember him. Make Russia pay for it.

  28. Apparently his name is Khamzat Galeav (to be confirmed). Heroyam Slava.

  29. Now, as to not have any double standards: why would the russians capture and release this? Wouldnt they know its going to be used against them?

  30. You're assuming Ruzzians are reasonable people capable of forethought and humanity like Ukrainians.

  31. How is it made-up, the US is literally on record doing this.

  32. Show me the record where Zelenskyy refused to retreat because of national pride, that's all I'm asking.

  33. Lol it doesn’t fit your narrative so it must me made up? Point out exactly what I said that was wrong.

  34. You seen hellbent on painting Repubs and Democrats with the same brush.

  35. At least in my country this is being treated as you buying cardboard with a print on it. I can “decorate” my house with MTG cards if I wanted to. And with digital lootboxes you don’t get a physical item and thus it’s a different type of item (legally speaking).

  36. Yea lots of people think this is a gotcha (why anyone is defending lootboxes I don't know), but you can easily include the fact that modern games are licensed to the customer, never owned.

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