1. I don't think that matters. There are too many reasons that can justify Russia's special military operation in Ukraine. There are some of the population has fled the liberated oblasts since the Russians came but this doesn't matter, they fled the remaining population that is still living there can vote on the referendum

  2. So the people who fled the russian occupation and literal warzone of these oblasts and their opinions about voting to join Russia are irrelevant? Contradicting the russian narrative it was a free, fair and legitimate vote that was to include all occupants of these oblast?

  3. More likely by the Ukrainian militants. It does not make sense that they "found" these Russian soldiers

  4. This is proof that many Ukrainians do not support the Kiev regime and its aggressive behavior toward the territories of the Russian Federation.

  5. Cutting civilians from the internet. That's how you win a war. So pathetic lmao

  6. That's one way how you win. By destroying vital communication infrastructures to isolate the population.

  7. The combat crew of "Tulip" made a real chaos on the positions of Ukrainian militants

  8. Him and Witch seemed like more than normal soldiers. Obviously most aren't allowed to vlog and it was noticible the lack of combat wear on them. They were seemingly propoganda/morale people so I'm curious who will take their place, if anyone. That one drone guy in the area is getting popular. I personally am so ready to move on from the Bakhmut saga. Let's get the spring offensives started and end this war one way or the other.

  9. I would consider my self pro ukraine but a bunch of people in that sub downvoted me into oblivion, called me a nazi, fascist, orc, and all sort of things just because I commented on a video claiming that a sniper missed his shot and it did not kill the russian. Honestly cringe subreddit with a bunch of uninformed sheep who claims to support Ukraine but haven't donated a dime.

  10. They will deny and defend any shortcomings of the UAF to the point people will personally attack you

  11. Belarusian military entered Kirillovka (Zaporozhye region), - Mayor of Melitopol from Ukraine.

  12. Due to the low comprehensive provision in the ranks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces they resort to looting food and other supplies for themselves in the homes of civilians

  13. The Russian Forces are unstoppable. No western weaponry will be able to defeat the Russian forces.

  14. TOS-1A destroys the militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who have settled on the outskirts of Artemovsk

  15. Settled is a strange word to use for people who are in their own country, no? Like their weary from the pilgrimage of slapping around Russians for 6 months?

  16. Bakhmut is in the Donbas region which is considered a territory of the Russian Federation after its referendum. So by default the Ukrainians are the ones currently occupying Russian soil and therefore the word settled can be used

  17. Understandable. As many Ukrainians do not want to fight. This conflict is gonna end in negotiations

  18. hey Kiwi if i may ask, what's your reason for supporting RU? I'm active in a Russian community and they for the most part are ashamed by this war. It's a portion of right and far left westerners that seem to confuse me as to why they support RU lol. I'm assuming you're from the west.

  19. I believe Russia's reason for the special military operation in Ukraine is justified. This conflict has shown the true colours of the Western world. The west is the true aggressor if you ask me.

  20. This is horrible. Ukrainians are desperate for more manpower

  21. Kiwi I love that you put Soviet music on Russian clips and Nasheeds on Chechen clips. You're the best.

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