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  1. He calls literally anyone with differing opinions a white supremacist and yet engages in some pretty gnarly hate-speech himself. You reap what you sew, Ethan.

  2. It’s a free open source OS for people who like to be a part of a (mostly) toxic community where questions are typically not answered but rather are used as an opportunity to demonstrate their intellectual superiority while totally not being passive aggressive. If you’re a gamer and unfamiliar with it, you’ll likely run into a lot of issues, and good luck finding people who will genuinely help you before you give up and go back to Windows. Linux is about 5 years away from being being anywhere close to mainstream-ready.

  3. Definitely no, needs a graphics card. Only game you’ll play smoothly is solitaire lol

  4. The issue with a tip like this, is that there are people who definitely need to hear it, and people who definitely DON'T need to hear it.

  5. Yep. There are a few yield signs in some residential areas in my city and you can’t really see opposing traffic until you get close to the intersection. There’s definitely at least one dingus who will read this YSK and blaze through an area like that. Unless you have significant view of the area with no obstruction, (for example, a Highway on-ramp) you should pretty much always slow down for yield signs.

  6. Outlaw rocks and only good hands stop carrying rocks.

  7. To actually answer your question instead of meme about Linux: Windows 11 has some better CPU scheduling options and fixed the massive stuttering I was getting in RDR2 when I was on Windows 10. I had to make a number of adjustments to remove “recommendations” and Bing from the search bar, restore Task Bar menu, and enable all options on right-click by default. The stock Windows 11 features can be absolutely annoying and stupid but luckily all fixable. Between the two I decided to stay on Windows 11 because I noticed a slight increase in gaming performance, but I am in no way guaranteeing that you’ll have the same results, cause, well, hardware-software relationships are weird sometimes.

  8. Download “CPU-Z” and go to the SPD tab. It’ll tell you the model of your current Ram. Copy+paste that bad boy into Amazon and you’re probably good to go.

  9. Windows can do pretty much anything a Mac OS can. Of course each OS may have some specialized software that’s king in its field, but the other OS likely has a comparable alternative. Apple devices tend to have better speakers and webcams, as well as a simpler interface for the technically-challenged. But if you’re using external devices anyways, that advantage is moot.

  10. All I want to know is; How is it possible to buy a laptop without knowing what you bought? Unless you got it second hand, then congrats indeed.

  11. Yeah I should have mentioned that but it’s in the other comments :)

  12. At least you know how to open up a laptop. My MSI was a bear to open up. Hated it every time I did it as I ended up bending/scratching plastic and always ended up with screws that I couldn't tell you where they came from.

  13. I’ve opened my fair share of laptops, I even have a fancy kit from iFixit. Having a “soft” plastic lid opener to slide along the edges is the best thing about it! It doesn’t scratch things and clips don’t break. I usually open my laptops to add storage for something but this particular one I’ve never opened before.

  14. Please don’t Saints Row this, please please please!

  15. If you’ve got the scratch for it, I always buy 2 identically spec’d laptops for this very reason. I determine which one has the best screen then return the other one immediately (only purchase from retailers with no return penalties)

  16. seems like an interesting idea but 1200€ for a laptop was a lot let alone that id buy two

  17. I’ve always used a credit card to do this, and once the inferior duplicate has been refunded I pay off the card right away :)

  18. Motion blur is awful, thankfully I haven’t run into a game where you can’t turn it off. When things move fast my dumb monkey brain perceives blur naturally.

  19. The problem with choosing weapon/blood preferences for extra bonuses is that people will just “meta” the game. There’s a lot of PvP in this game so whatever is the most advantageous is what everyone will run.

  20. Bit late to the party, but been trawling through many of the posts you've listed there before finding this one. Did you ever find a solution to this problem? I've moved from a Logitech G305 where this was as easy to set up as just designating L Ctrl on MB5. Utterly baffled by the fact its not working like that in the Steel Series software.

  21. As-of 2 days ago (when last I checked) I have not found a solution via the SteelSeries GG application, but I have circumvented the issue with the “X-Mouse Button Control” software.

  22. While I agree with the initial idea, I don’t think the primary motivation should be “you’ll win more.” Rather, don’t throw a temper tantrum wike a wittle baby cause it just makes you an asshole.

  23. YSK that posting condescending hot takes on the YSK subreddit is not the intended purpose.

  24. After 3 weeks of consistency I’ve determined that I’ve created a “hack” that works for me: Add a dash of cinnamon, salt, and coconut oil to my black coffee in the morning. With this beverage I can very easily go 8+ hours without cravings or the need to eat anything. Combine this with just 1 (keto-friendly) meal a day and I’ve lost 8lbs so far! The best part is I have a lot more energy lately and feel great!

  25. Call Dell customer support, tell them that you're the 2nd owner of the device. As long as you know the name of the original purchaser, they can transfer ownership to you and provide you with a "master key" BIOS admin password to unlock the device so you can wipe it and start from scratch.

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