1. I was going to say there's no way China and India aren't higher. Sure, Mongolia may use a lot of fossil fuels, but you mean to tell me the 1.4 billion people to their south don't use more?

  2. Asashoryu that retard wont do anything with the cirk afaik.

  3. It could be worse, like much much worse. 50% of the world wish they could be in the same living standards as Mongolia.

  4. Why not, since when is improving diplomatic relations ever a bad thing?

  5. We would be eating sushi and working in a mitsubishi factory as slaves.

  6. Yeah I remember people clearing anti tank mines with their feet early war when they just had them set up on paved roads lmao. I remember it seeming terrifying but it also seemed safe enough since a human isn't the same weight as a vehicle. Especially since they're technically supposed to be buried and dirt alone is heavy.

  7. Yeah, but the impulse of stepping or the jumping of a human being can exceed the trigger threshold of a mine.

  8. Yep someone told me 250 lbs. So realistically an 80 lbs child could probably blow it up if they jumped hard enough lol. You could definitely slowly step on it and play a fun game of Ukrainian roulette if you don't weigh too much though lol.

  9. I wouldn't risk it with a couple kilos of high explosives.

  10. UVZ doesnt seem as high capacity as I thought it would be, looks less like a factory and more like a workshop.

  11. Looks like a factory to me, more mechanized than I thought it would be to be honest. It's going to be a bit more complicated than just a car factory, so I think that's where you're seeing a disconnect. Usually these military tank and vehicle production lines are a combination of both a workshop and a factory.

  12. I suppose you're right, it makes sense that tank production is a bit more artisanal.

  13. The EU funds and sponsors a lot of things, might have been an education facility or administrative building assisted by it, before it was bombed anyway.

  14. Then what's the difference between a mortar mine and a howitzer shell?

  15. Mortar mines are shot with lower pressure and velocity, meaning they have thinner casing and therefore more explosive filler.

  16. There used to be Turkish schools, allegedly Gulenist, in Ulaanbaatar which have since closed down. Also the Turkish government tried to kidnap one of the teachers and fly him out of Mongolia which was a big diplomatic incident, as kidnapping people in a foreign country is kind of a no go.

  17. What kind of ATGM is that? Seems like a very small warhead.

  18. He was always in bed with international NGOs and think tanks, probably was going for drinks with their funders in Harvard.

  19. Keep your mouth shut, build energy facilities and a refinery thats it.

  20. What are those plastic wrapped ones?

  21. You can fly through frankfurt or istanbul. Frankfurt flight goes over Russian airspace if thats a concern for you.

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