1. d2 isnt on gamepass anymore so not on xcloud too

  2. yes you will need him in the light tower tho

  3. you cant swap engraved heroes and cele/hypos

  4. I did. I'm enjoying it actually. Sure, the graphics aren't like Genshin but I never wanted that. Besides, it's just a beta. It has a nice aesthetic.

  5. i dont like that manuell walking thing it feels so clunky on mobile

  6. My mobile runs it just fine so idk maybe it's a device issue.

  7. no i mean the walking in general and no im on a Galaxy s21

  8. cause there is nothing that need you to get better tbh

  9. if there was something again like mountaintop or recluse in comp or something i would try to get better again but rn theres nothing

  10. As I said in the post, to get any difficulty requires lfg. Imo that's bad design. All matcmade activities are a joke.

  11. i found that battlefield was too boring after the first playthrough and was way to easy even before the resi buff

  12. What would you think about giving it a damage bump, And then making it a heavy? It would still be a super versatile weapon, but it have a bigger tradeoff taking the heavy slot.

  13. then the usage would drop significantly tho its used cause its a special in primary slot

  14. what do you build from those heroes rn?

  15. i cant stand it tbh i dont like that its just a more interactive game like dislyte so i pass afk 2

  16. we both know how bungo is handling loot 🙃

  17. Honestly , if possible, try playing the Witcher 3. It’s a really good game.

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