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  1. Pretty sure this is what local shops in England view Scottish notes as.

  2. I did it for the XP more than cards

  3. yup, but sadly that isn't a binding contract and dicks exist.

  4. Removing pheons without changing some current systems in the game would be sooo bad for the supply and demand on certain things. Mainly stones and tripod gear.

  5. I don't hate those who got it. But either I too get pheons or none should have them. They should have go negative idc. Other players happiness isn't my concern.

  6. Trying to censor the naughty words

  7. Taking every fight you see without consideration of things such as other teams, position, ammo/consumable status or your team/enemy teams abilities.

  8. Think this is just promotional stuff not patch notes kinda thing

  9. Terminator 2: Judgement Day

  10. Ye, same here. Well I bought this morning

  11. Smart kid if using that rig during playtime.

  12. P A R T Why!? Cos i gotta!

  13. Short answer, no not at all.

  14. Hes not even being negative. He thought he was being helpful you didn't accept his advice which is fine but your manner made it hostile and now youre here.

  15. Come off it, you know fine well his message was not a helpful advice nor friendly for that matter.

  16. What about the first comment that wasn't helpful or friendly? He even said buddy lol.

  17. Well, doesn't explain why he "nedd" engravings. OP didn't even ask for any help, buddy in this context is being used to neg him.

  18. The class I want to heavily invest in isn't out yet. So im doing the required amount to keep up with content.

  19. Bacon, egg and maple syrup pancakes.

  20. Think you may be thinking of the judgment rune. The card is pretty top tier especially with cull

  21. The game is in the best state it has been since release.

  22. How the hell is Birdring playing apex the way his wrist is. Figured its way more intense than OW in terms of movement.

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